FFXIV shows off the vicissitudes of FATE and the new jobs

Strike a pose, there's nothing to it.

As Final Fantasy XIV dazzles onlookers at E3, those not at the convention have been getting a closer look at the title in anticipation of its relaunch. The latest official video keeps up that pattern, giving potential players a look at one of the relaunched version’s major new features — Full Active Time Events, abbreviated as FATEs. Which is a long way to say “dynamic events,” admittedly, but that’s just the way you roll in Eorzea.

FATEs appear all over the world, with some triggered randomly and others coming in at reliable intervals or via talking to an NPC. Once within range of a FATE, you are automatically added to the event and given a rundown of objectives and progress, with rewards being distributed based on overall participation and involvement.

Sounds kind of routine? Then perhaps rather than watching that video, you’d like to see a first look at Summoner, Arcanist, and Scholar. Because there’s a new video just past the break that also gives a first peek at these as-yet-unseen classes. So even if you know all about FATEs, you’ll want to¬† click here FFXIV Gil.

Some people here haven’t matured to the point that they can handle someone having a different opinion from their own. Just attempt to ignore them. I get what you’re saying though, and to a degree I agree with you, but development is just too far along at this point to change anything. I think as long as we just login and turn our brains off and attempt to enjoy the game, we will all be good.