FFXIV gun warlocks use three test result

4 finally over, is also the first time I play FF14, gun practice to 32 level warlock, the experience of similar experience to share their own experience here: Gun warlock thieves in the positioning of the basic equivalent to other games: high, low, less blood, and the battle for positioning the demand is higher, a lot of skills need to stand in the side of the strange and back to hit the maximum damage, here is introduced a gun warlock active skills:

The initial skills, but also a few combos hands skills, harm, but necessary.

The damage is low, but with 20% speed (normal attack effectively only to blame), the initial 10 seconds to slow down, after the upgrade to passive increased to 20 seconds. For the same strange repeatedly use effect in half.

Evasion + 20% within 30 seconds, by multiple strange WeiOu can effectively increase the survival rate.

One of combos follow-up skills, individual with low damage, in After the use of double damage.

Rogue backstab, combos behind the initial skills, standing behind the strange damage to 180, using fewer early.

Gun warlock control skills, low damage, 3 seconds dizzy, can interrupt the most strange article reading skills, continuous use of the same strange effect in half, with other output skills CD, initial CD30 seconds, after the upgrade to passive skill for 20 seconds.

Side output skill, the damage, but on the side can be used for their own 10% additional damage BUFF, early for 10 seconds, after the upgrade to passive skill for 15 seconds, a copy of the initial output is one of the main skills, want to be lazy can stand in the side of the strange without using the skills, also not bad.

Spear attack long-distance shots, 15 professional task acquisition, TP high consumption, low damage, basic only used to blame.


Gun warlock is the only means of reply, next attacks for 10 seconds to reply their maximum life of 20% of the value of life. Early CD90 seconds, after the upgrade to passive to 60 seconds.

Reply TP 300, practical skills, level 22 before BOSS frequently, TP late long enough to output, have the basic skills can keep stable output. Long BOSS war, suggested that the TP is less than 700 will use the skills, 3 minutes and can be used again, but there was no copy within 32 level basic BOSS war for more than 3 minutes. Early reply tp 300, upgraded to passive after 450 tp.

Combos finishing moves, must be inAfter use to achieve maximum 300 damage. After 26 learn this skill level truly reflects the gun a powerful warlock output capacity.

Classic berserker BUFF, a 20% increase in damage, its damage by 25%. Late CD80 seconds, to maximize the output of common skills, but open to pay attention to time and their own safety.

One of the rear combos, must be inMonster after use, damage good, with 10% lower the effect of thrust defense, later one of the main output skills.

Gun lock one of the few AOE skill, in front of the linear range, low damage, TP consumption is higher.

Gun lock one of the few AOE skill, side combos follow-up skills, must be inAfter use, its surrounding group damage, damage, TP consumption is higher.

Combos finishing moves on the back of, must be inAfter use, damage, effect is not very understanding, because no practice to level 50, so no comment.

Introduce all active skills, for now, said the output:

Early skills without all the more casual, can the side has no brain , also can the back has no brain.And, of course, if you feel boring, on the back side – but every 10 seconds to run from the side to the back. After level 26 my output technique for: once every 15 seconds sides complement BUFF, at ordinary times.

As for the level 50 after the output of the technique to temporarily haven’t study. Tips and where need to pay attention to: 1, the continuous skill must be used in sequence, and can’t use any other attacks in the middle class skills, otherwise combos. But such as dizziness, dodge, h. don’t except the skills of CD. 2, although the gun warlock is dealers, defense is not high also, but can also act as deputy in the copy of the T, interrupt, monsters attack treatment at ordinary times under control in time and back to T, the reasonable use, you will find that in fact the warlock is not so fragile, survival ability is stronger. 3, the last and most important: gun warlock advanced equipment professional dragon knight is very handsome!

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