FFXIV developer blog reveals chocobo-barding-in-progress

(Picture of a) screenshot of Final Fantasy XIV chocobo barding

Today’s Final Fantasy XIV developer blog is a bit on the light side, but it does provide us with a sneak-peek at the in-game model for some chocobo barding that producer Naoki Yoshida had teased in a previous Producer’s Letter Live. The concept art was revealed in a batch of screenshots and artwork back in October, but now, thanks to the wily Fernehalwes, we have a shot of the barding model in progress (see above).

Fernehalwes notes that the armor “appears to be lacking textures” while pointing out that “those horns have an uncanny resemblance to the ones found on a certain legendary beast… in a recent Final Fantasy XIV trailer.” Gee, whom could he possibly be talking about?Click here:FFXIV Gil to learn more about the game information and services.