Festival Events

A grand feast, fireworks, dancing, fortunes, and high-stakes rollerbeetle racing—all this and more await you during the Canthan New Year Festival. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Satisfying the Celestial Dragon is a tall order, especially since every festival has a few unexpected problems for enterprising young adventurers to solve.


    • Want a preview of the coming year? The  can peer into your future and provide you with a very real, and legally binding, fortune. For good or ill, your destiny will follow you out into the world beyond Shing Jea.


    • Play games on the to earn tickets and boost your luck—or play to lose, and work your way down a different life track.


    • For you racing fans, make your way to the , where you’ll be outfitted with your very own rollerbeetle racer, complete with its own set of racing skills.


    • Head over to the for a brawling good time.


  • The Celestial Feast lets you participate in heated cooking competitions, where you’ll help Canthan chefs prepare special dishes in honor of the Celestial Dragon. Each properly prepared meal earns a reward from the Dragon, but it’s bad luck to annoy the beast!