Farm Gold: Don’t Buy It!

When you were about an hour into your Warcraft session planning out some gear you may need in the future, you spot you might need to get a crafted gear which costs loads of gold to be able to make for the materials; you think, and you come up with the idea of just buying the gold off some site your friend referred you to. This is where you can go wrong, buying gold compared to making your own gold by farming is a big difference.

Farming your own gold can be much safer. Blizzard is a long-term company, and has been around for years; since they have been around so long, they have developed a sophisticated way to track gold sellers and especially gold buyers. Gold buying is a very risky thing to do, for with very hard-coded software they developed and tons of game masters working at a time, in a couple hours your account could go poof into the sky and you may never get on it again. Why do they do this? Because, according to the terms of use, the selling of the virtual currency for real life currency is against the terms of use.

Also, having your farmed gold can support the server’s economy; have you ever wondered why some of those items are so high priced? Because, with all the people buying gold and buying those certain things over and over again, causes the demand to go higher than the suppliers can supply. Thus, with this in mind, it will cause the prices of that item(s) to inflate. The economy of a server, or a game, is very delicate and if Blizzard lets these things go, that linen cloth could be out of your reach in no time at all!

When you go out to buy gold, you may think, you’re done with buying gold. Oh no, once you go into buying gold, you never come back; if you buy too much gold, or buy it so frequently, your account may become under suspicion and watched very closely by game masters and banned the second they find evidence. When you buy that item you have always wanted, you notice something else and you automatically think, you should buy gold again! It’s a vicious cycle, depleting your cash in your bank and next thing you know you’re living on crackers and water because you spent so much on buying gold.

Buying gold cannot be compared to making your own gold for with these things in mind, it can be a very dangerous thing and can eventually deplete your money and/or get your hard worked account banned! So, go out into the Nagrand air, and fly up to the Elemental Plateau and farm those fire elementals!