Eye of the Storm

Here is the combination of and warsong gulch, arathi basin, steal point guard point, open flag DaQi, although for the map a lot of people have opinions, but since have to play is not opened it. Thieves tasks typically keep points, eye of the storm tactics most now is two waves among individual wrath acutely, four point every one big eye stares a small eye. Midfielder crush rivals since the don’t need to say more, luck is a banner, if midfielder entanglement, the more should pay attention to yourself at the foot of the tower, although the eye of the storm recently changed some, like advantages of tower smaller, with flag advantages become bigger (opponents scored 3 points, we account for 1 PM but not shut down the flag, of our resources to rise more quickly), but let the opponent always should not steal to their tower.
Now in the eye of the storm hold points tend to be DE (guard, guardian, or feral druids are likely to be more hard to grind, and the outbreak of the wild, hurt is really a thief can’t than), mage, hunter, rogue. If your skill set is not complete, honest, best to steal the mage tower and hunters, may invite humiliation (BLZ what you go to dead ah thief this heads-up ability ah fall), have to say the mage and hunters this version to the thief restraint in too obvious. If you are all the skills, or have the ability of the first world war, a brave young ah go create miracle!
Here as an example, in the eye of the storm of battle at a time, through experience judgment in magic can keep some mage is a command, his stance about eight yards in front of the flag, under normal perspective may can’t see clearly behind the flag. Played up in the middle, I decisively emptying the mage tower (no thief and hunter, of course, each other, to protect the blood elf tower generally can’t vent) behind can touch each other’s a mage, even the stuffy stuffy open success, directly on the final accounts for the below 3 points. SAP’s voice and DEBUFF will give competitors a reminder, this case is better than not stuffy. , of course, I also have the successful element of luck in it, don’t anyone open points no luck? Sometimes, want to bet.
“We are the shadow of the sword!”