Eighth Floor of the Lost Tower in Guild Wars

“Thank you, ice empress, my evil wraith gets the relief, now I will go to my dungeons, and I could have a warm life, and the cheap Guild Wars 2 gold is not important.” Though the monster died, but he did not hate us.

“You should be careful, Baroque is more powerful than me, and it is difficult to kill him, ice empress, don’t be kind to him, or else all of you will die.” The monster said to us with concern.

“Yes, I know, I will remember your words, you could go contentedly.”

“Well, I will go.” He closed his eyes, and then a golden crystal person flied out of his body, and it flied to the distance.

“Is he a fairy now?” Dakar said, and his eyes were big.

After a while, the ice empress said: “It is our true form of the digital life, if we die in this world, we could also resurrect without the Guild Wars 2 gold, as long as the original data is not lost.”

“Does the White Mantle also have the wraith?” I remembered a pointed question quickly.

“Yes, in fact, the White Mantle died many times, but he could resurrect himself every time. Because the players only killed his mortal body, and his wraith could not be killed.”

“It is so serious, how could we kill him?” We were trying our best all the time, but now we lost our confidence.

“Only one person could kill the wraith of the White Mantle, it is you!” The ice empress said seriously.

“Is it me?” I was scared; I remembered that Mahon called me as the chosen person before.

“Yes, now you should know you have a great responsibility, and why I want you to help me, and I even could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for you.”

“What is on the ground?” Santana saw a staff.

It was the Fire Staff of the monster.

Santana was very happy, of course, I gave this staff to her.

When we got out of Ascalon, we had new weapons, so no matter whether we got win in this Lost Tower, we got many weapons.

We got to the seventh floor, it was a narrow path, and there were many death cavalries on the way.

We killed them with much Guild Wars 2 gold and skills, but we also got much experience, and now all of us were in level 17 or 18.

We came to the end finally, and we came across another narrow path again, it was better that there were fewer death cavalries.