Due to the extraordinary number of contest entries

North American players, rejoice! You now have not just one opportunity, but two, to get your hands on a Guild Wars miniature! As you may be aware, NCsoft Europe recently announced a partnership with various European publications that will give players the chance to acquire one of several Guild Wars in-game miniatures. North American players have an opportunity to acquire an all-new miniature in the PC Gamer Special Guild Wars Issue. In addition, we are offering the chance for U.S. and Canadian players to sign up on the Guild Wars website,for a chance to acquire one of the hotter-than-hot items from previous miniature distributions: the various uncommon, rare, and ultra-rare miniatures such as the Oni and the Shiroken Assassin!

Hundreds of entries later, after votes, tabulations, a tie-breaker, and much excited discussion, we’ve determined the winners of the Guild Wars Halloween Art Contest 2007! The seasonal spirit was very evident in the entries and the quality was simply stupendous. The contest rules are.

Due to the extraordinary number of contest entries—and considering the amount of exceptional art that they presented—we have expanded this year’s prize pool. This year, the Guild Wars Team, who served as our judges, selected a grand prize winner and a total of 10 winners, five each in the Art and Costume categories. Beyond that level, we recognize 20 honorable mentions, and 70 finalists.

All who placed in the contest will be notified by email within the next 10 days, and we will be sending out prize packages,after we receive the required email confirmation from each of those who placed in the contest.

Thank you to all who entered—your art has made our Halloween holiday spirit even brighter.