Doublecast Skills


A doublecast skill is a new type of spell that casts on you as well as your target. By utilizing proper positioning, skilled players can significantly increase the power level of these skills as well as the area that they cover. Many of these skills were reworked because they were too unwieldy to play normally due to conditionals or poor synergies with other skills. In the case of Mirror of Ice, the skill was providing too much power in PvP without being useful in PvE.

increased casting time to 1 second; increased cost to 10 Energy; increased recharge to 20 seconds; changed functionality to: “Invoke the power of the Dragon. For 8 seconds, you and target ally are enchanted with Double Dragon. Adjacent foes are dealt 5…30 fire damage each second. Additionally, when you or your ally use skills that target a foe, that foe is set on fire for 0…3 seconds.”