Don’t Exploit Or Hack: It’s Illegal

These days, you may have seen rarely a hacker running at top speeds through Azahara while you were trying to quest and level up; you may have thought that it may speed your leveling up and help you out trying to level and such. But, using those programs to cheat in a game can be a trap and compromise your account you worked so hard for! Just even trying it out once and collapse all your hard work you spent hours and days on leveling up!

When you see that hacker, you think, let’s check Google for this kind of hack and download it from the site! Wait a minute right there buddy, that’s where the first problem with even doing these things is that it’s not safe to even visit the site nor download it sometimes! Some sites were set up mainly just to infect your computer system and key-log your accounts; just visiting the site can open a whole new world of misery for you. Even though the site may be safe, the program may be not; downloading programs from the internet has always been a problem if it’s not validated by some other people.

Sure, you may have downloaded it correctly and you are sure it doesn’t have viruses. Problem number two is encountered; World of Warcraft has been running for years, along with that, Blizzard has been open for even longer!

With such a long running game and company, would you expect something other than sophisticated, stealthy, guard programs watching your every move to see if you’re trying to attempt to hack World of Warcraft? Of course not!

Why do you think they ask you to agree with the terms of service, terms of use and all those policies with them saying you allow them to scan your computer for these types of things? Because they want to keep the game clean and give it the tip top shape it is in; World of Warcraft is one of the top MMORPGs running at the moment, they don’t want to lose their spot, do they?

So, if you do get caught by one of these programs, and by the time you get onto the login screen, most likely you’re banned already.

Okay, if you ever got into the game from those sophisticated programs, you’re now in the World of Warcraft world flying up places, climbing up walls, and doing a bunch of whacky things. Oh wait, you’re in Stormwind at peak hours and it looks like you’re climbing up the chapel with I dunno, a hundred people are able to see you? You see, every server has about more than a thousand players online at a time, spread them out in each zone, you’re likely to be seen and caught in no time.

Why do you think people pay about $15 a month to play a game? They want good quality, a good moderated game, and a nice community with no hackers. So, guess what? They report you on the spot once they see your name going up and down while you are walking on the green hill of Arathi Basin.

Keep in mind also, there are game masters hired for World of Warcraft that have bots that tell them if something is awkward in the game; that awkward thing may be you and they check you out. They click a button, and bam! You’re gone, and banned.

Keep in mind, Blizzard is a long running game company, that has a couple online games that have been running for a long while with good ratings; how do they accomplish this? Keeping people from hacking, botting, and exploits. Using these programs could mess up your hard work, and compromise your security of your computer. Play legitly, play happily, and be a good citizen of Warcraft.