Developer Updates


In some cases we found elites that could be good but didn’t quite provide the level of bar compression to make them desirable over direct-damage skills.

rescaled duration to 25…60 seconds; reduced recharge to 20 seconds; added the following functionality: “You are attuned to Air, Fire, Water, and Earth and gain +1…2 to these attributes.”

increased recharge to 25 seconds; now affects your next 1…3 spells; reduced Energy savings to 10…25; added the following functionality: “Your elemental attributes are increased by 1…4.”

Due to the change to Master of Magic, Elemental Attunement and Glyph of Energy became a little lacking. So we are improving both of these skills with a small attribute bonus while active. The addition of an attribute bonus gives these skills some bar compression as well as a small damage boost, which Elementalists are lacking in many PvE areas. We’ve also increased the number of charges on Glyph of Energy to make it less cumbersome to use, though in order to keep the Energy management from becoming too good we’ve lowered the Energy savings per use and increased the recharge. Elemental Attunement had its duration and recharge rescaled slightly to prevent fast-casting Mesmer/Elementalists from outshining primary Elementalists using this skill.