Developer Update


With this update, we are making some changes to to improve their viability in PvE. Where relevant, we are also making some changes to Elementalist skills used in PvP in order to address certain powerful options and to provide some new playstyles. This update focuses mainly on improving elite skill options and adding a global change to Hard Mode foes. Even though this update is mostly limited to Elementalist elite skills, we are also addressing some normal skills for Elementalists that we felt could use some changes and a few non-Elementalist skills that have become too powerful.

Elemental damage tends to become much less effective as enemies reach levels over 20. As a result of this, some professions, but especially Elementalists, tend to be less effective at this point in the game. While one possibility to address this issue would have been to improve the damage on skills that deal elemental damage, this would have likely resulted in the damage from creatures in Hard Mode quickly becoming unmanageable. Reducing the armor of foes and raising their Health helps keep Elementalists relevant while maintaining the overall effectiveness of professions that deal armor ignoring damage.

Many Elementalist elites are surpassed by the powerful AoE skills Searing Flames and Savannah Heat. In looking to provide new options for Elementalists, we created some new mechanics that we feel can help these other underused elites.