Designing the Living World

Despite the moans to the contrary, I like the progression and integration into the overall game thus far, imho.
Look forward to the release of further content.
I agree. I think most of the moans are coming from people who have the old “instant gratification” mindset and can’t wait for things to develop. I understand the not wanting to wait and when you blast through the content they give you in 2-3 hours you then have to wait for the next patch. It reminds me of mid-season season finale for tv shows they are doing now. It frustrates the hell out of me but yet I feel so rewarded when they show finally kicks up again. This is how I have been looking at the new story lines.

In short I like it and keep it up. I wouldn’t mind more substantial updates though. If all of were like this last one I really wouldn’t have anything to complain about.
I agree, it seems like people are always whining about how they don’t have object X RIGHT NOW overall i’ve enjoyed the living story updates and the fact that I don’t have to spend all my game time just getting through new content, but that I can do the new content then go back to something else i’m working on
Agreed, it may not be a lot in terms of direct content, but the updates so far are worth a good 50 hours or more, which is amazing as free support.

Also, forgive me Mr.Chapelle, I accidentally labeled you as a female! Has been fixed.
The living story is an awesome idea for an MMO. There needs to be worthwhile characters introduced, though. Doesn’t work well if no one cares about the stories presented or the characters involved.

It’s a great opportunity to come up with intriguing or just fun side stories to further flesh out Tyria. (As long as its not always super light hearted and covers a broad range of themes, moods, and atmosphere)