Deal with the Plant Monsters in Guild Wars 2

“Excuse me, and please tell me where other sentry is.” Sparta was very angry with the attitude of the sentry, but he still said to the sentry politely, because he really wanted to get another task and much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
“Walk to the south, and it is near from Kamala.”
Yes, Sparta remembered that as if there were really some sentries there, but he did not pay attention at that moment. He would come across the plant monster again on his way to Kamala. Of course, he was careful this time, and he did not get into the area of the plant monster.
“You come finally, I am waiting for you!” A sentry said to Sparta, and it seemed that he was very glad.
“Are you waiting for me?” Sparta thought that maybe the sentry wanted to give him the Guild Wars 2 gold quickly.
“Yes, Coil gave me a task of removing weeds, I thought that it should be an easy task before, but I did not think……” The sentry stopped suddenly, and he looked very nervous, as if he was afraid of something.
“Are the weeds living?” Sparta said, and he knew what happened.
“Yes, it is too terrible, especially the leader of the weeds, it could use the lightning spell, and it nearly killed me just now.” The sentry said anxiously, as if he was hit by the lightning again.
“Do you need my help? Maybe I could help you to remove these weeds, but I cannot buy Guild Wars 2 gold for you.” Sparta asked the sentry, and in fact, he knew what the sentry wanted him to do.
“Yes, I really need your help, and you are very clever, come here, I will give you the blessing of Spear of Sun.” The name of the blessing was Killing Plant. When Sparta killed one plant monster, he would get double experience and one point of prestige value. If he killed the BOSS of the plant monsters, and he would get more experience and prestige value.
“It is so great, if I kill the monsters, I will get so many awards and Guild Wars 2 gold.” Sparta said, but he also knew that the plant monsters were really powerful, especially the leader who could use the lightning spell, and it was not so easy to kill the monster.
There were two more weeds besides the leader of the plant monsters, and they were moving, the lower half of their bodies looked like snake, and there were flowers on their heads, the name of the flower was venom weed, but Sparta did not know whether the venom weeds were poisonous.