Continuous open world-set-PvP

Continuous open world
Q: why join continuous open the world? (note: the city is a copy of the mode)
A: so you in the game have a lot of social opportunities, you can see a lot of other players. Continuous world also add a new game elements, such as a continuous development of the world and the end.
Q: will there be read image? The map is no gap?
A: when you through the signpost (waypoints) when will read the transfer of the picture. In addition in different area between the entrance, will trigger the reading screen.
Q: will there be copy area?
A: yes. Some of the character personal story related task is to copy mode. In addition the Dungeons (Dungeons) is also a copy.
Q: in the game, the monster of strange phenomena in the camp will occur?
Answer: the event system can effectively prevent these problems. Event system allows anyone to help others fight, both sides can get 100% of the experience and the falling rewards. The scale of the events with the number of players to relevant, so no matter how many players, it doesn’t matter.

Q: I can not to cantha and Iraq, los mainland?
Answer: in the guild wars 2 just started operations may not. These areas estimates will be in future to join.
Q: there are the circulation of the day and night?
A: yes, the cycle will be faster than real time. Some events and monster appear follow relevant. For example, half person in the dawn horse will attack the camp, phantom will in the dark sighted in ancient battlefield. The present cycle every two hours, including 80 minutes of day and 40 minutes of night, but in the formal operation may change before.
Q: we can explore underwater world, this would be?
A: there are a lot of interesting underwater world can explore, meaning that the breath is not a problem. And some new friendly race and events are introduced into the area.

Q: how is the PvP system?
Answer: there are two PvP model has been announced. The World to the World (World versus World, or call the World PvP) is a large, ongoing pattern, no level unlimited quantity, players will be able to participate. The other is a structured PvP (structured PvP, or call arena PvP), divided into two kinds, one kind is type is competitive against, with 1 guild against similar guild wars, two team against, another kind is pick-up against, individual player or team in some specific maps under the rules of the particular battle. Some activities (small game), like a bar fight broke (bar brawling) and snowball wars (snowball fights) also belong to PvP.
Q: for PvP players, have skills with items un-ban system?
A: the structural PvP (Structured PvP), the player will have a fixed level, can use all the skills, equipment, with other players. The World to the World (World versus World, also called the World PvP, WvWvW) will use when players to the equipment, skills and grade.
Ask: have the Player-killing?
A: player only within the area in PvP related to PK.