Coach temple, vein silver crumbs

This two pictures is the MOP just joined battle map of new version, the original poster is really have little idea for this two pictures, although a achievement, battlefield just open then immediately rushed to the battlefield for the two new battlefield into it, finally finished the hard parts, but for the 100 games achievement is pit dad. Not thieves pit dad, but random field is really all kinds of pig teammates series, such a simple map, clear and concise style, but someone can’t understand this two picture of the real test. Coach temple was good, both to spell fire fill quickly flag, but in small combat effectiveness on the battlefield… Silver vein is a tribe to the map, as for alliance is sometimes very helpless, start to send 1 or 2 car is often the case.
Ratings in the battlefield, thieves in coach temple flag as much as possible, please don’t fight, you are a professional rely on stealth, you are a very crispy, carrying flags is hurt playing high some, but more when you are in the grave waiting anxiously for resurrection. Thieves in this picture is a real killer, opponents of vulnerability is slightly higher, deceit bone under the talent with high proficiency in large Numbers to let you experience, escape disappear rapidly after looking for the next strike targets, or take advantage of the terrain with stealth carved lines, and opponents to flag the psychological make-up again into the stealth, and to create more confusion is your biggest task. If you carried the flag, you still are running out of their therapeutic skills and a lot of kneeling, helpless after MP, you’re welcome, your strength has weakened 50%. Please effectively arrange your skills match, as closely as possible to add on our advantage (harassment treatment, silencing mage and disappeared on the other side of the flag bearer, smoke with head count!), and then find a chance to kill each other, kill any enemy, after all, their own resources will also rise at 10 o ‘clock.
As for vein silver crumbs, rogue role than in other battlefield, once you stealth, you will lose control of her car, it will weaken the effectiveness of a thief, and you those little short legs often dragged walk, can only watched the car color. Rogue, please concentrate on tow people here above, SAP, blinding, without breaking stealth now), the poison blade (preferably with paralyzing poison held 4 seconds), cooperate with team to play melee, use the cloak and disappear fast approaching the car, but after please quickly out of stealth. Maybe you can match with wild, fight for every car ownership, but as a key battleground in the car and get off, sometimes you can only sigh this is occupational disadvantage.
Once encountered a group of 2600 + team, the other configurations are riding a ret paladin 1 2 3 milk destroyed 1 sp 1 ice method 1 thieves, 8 protection 8 sacrifice, 4 aura mastery, sp line under discrimination, our side changed other professions, the whole team is offensive to disperse, and is completely. Is like an arena, ratings in some occasions is completely can be done professional suppressed. As rating non-essential, thieves at that time what to do?
“At this time, as long as a smile.”