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WildStar Adventure of Hycrest Insurrection in deepth guide

Hycrest Insurrection is the Level 15 Adventure for Exile players only. You get the Hycrest Insurrection once you hit level 15, via communicator.This is Choose Your Own Story adventure type.and your dventure starts in a space ship. Once the Caretaker gives you some basic information about new mission, you should drop of the space ship and enter an Abandoned Farm.The aim of this adventure is to complete five tasks in a timely manner.

The following is the three main maps in Hycrest Insurrection adventure

wildstar adventure


ws adventure

In order to achieve best rewards, complete the tasks as fast as possible. Avoid getting hit by sniper telegraph by dodging out of it on time. Avoid fighting versus unnecessary mobs (the one that takes the most time to be beaten is the largest one – Shatterforce Responsebot with his 43k HP) that are not the part of task. Avoid large, white, target AOE telegraphs that start dropping fire as you step into them and etc.

TIP: In northern part of the map, when you approach a group of NPCs, they will transform your character into one of them. This transformation lasts for a few seconds, but during this time you can pass by enemies, without being noticed.

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