Bring the corners of the combat triangle

We were experimenting with a level cut-off that would encourage you to fight against monsters appropriate to your skill levels. After some feedback we removed this restriction from Slayer tasks, since you don’t get to choose those opponents. After more feedback we decided to remove that level scaling entirely: stronger monsters are still worth more individually but you’ll still earn the full amount from a below-level opponent. We’ll be keeping an eye on this: we’d still like you to fight things of appropriate level, so that you can feel a progression as the game advances and so that players of different levels aren’t competing for kills. We’ve listened though and we understand that you appreciate the choice.

We still want to bring the corners of the combat triangle to an even level where each is equally attractive, and we know we’re not there yet. What we have done so far is made changes to raise the damage potential of Magic and we’re going to keep studying that balance as the beta goes on (and on into a live release). Loads of people want us to buff their favorite, but fair feedback is key so try them all if you can and tell us how you feel they compare. We’re going to keep looking at the issues above (and various other things we’ve changed): just because we changed it once doesn’t mean we won’t continue to review it. As well as those, here are a few of the things we’ve been talking about doing soon.

Single-way combat provided an important niche for PKers and we underestimated how large that demand is. With improvements to the way monsters choose targets and changes to the multicannon we’re happy that we can reach a good solution for PvM without single-way areas, but for PvP it’s clear that we need a more drastic solution. What we’re currently looking into is having a small number of worlds in which the Wilderness is single-way. This solves the pile-jumping and group ganking problems without producing a situation in which players retreat to single-way to get out of fair group fights. It’s not the only possible solution and I’m not promising it’ll be the exact one that works in the end, but be assured that we understand the problem and are determined to solve.