Blizzard has done a lot to enhance the social systems in the game

There are good and bad in the social aspects of Mists that bring the score to seven. While I find the community on WoW really has become Eliteist Jerks, like one of my favorite guild names, Blizzard has done a lot to enhance the social systems in the game. The group finder and open world group finder systems both add a lot to getting players into groups to run instances or explore new areas. It also adds to getting some of the quest lines done as you level up.  Add in Cross-Server zones (which have their own pluses and minuses) and you have the servers in WoW feeling alive again.

The thing that really falls short for me with Mists is the idea of Horde or Alliance players truly taking pride in their factions. While as a Horde player I began the expansion killing Alliance and creating more bad karma, it still did not give me a reason to take pride in my Horde bretheren. I think if Blizzard does do another expansion for the ten year anniversary, they should absolutely make this the focus point. It was hinted at in Mists, but the death blows were not struck to really push the Alliance and Horde into full all out war.  Here’s hoping 5.1and beyond bring this war to light more and more.