Blinding Surge and Ether Prodigy

Several of the elite skills we examined for this update simply had small usability problems. Whether it was lack of damage or a downside that didn’t justify the investment, these skills required much smaller adjustments to make them more viable. In several cases the major problems were eliminated simply by allowing these skills to strike an area instead of a single target, though different buffs were necessary for others.

added the following functionality: “This spell has 25% armor penetration. If this spell strikes an attacking foe, all adjacent foes are also struck and this spell deals 50% more damage.”

While this skill sees use in PvP, its low damage makes it difficult to justify in most PvE situations. This buff is intended to bolster the overall damage a bit without turning it into a spike skill.

Given that the skill already has the downside of causing Exhaustion and losing all enchantments, we felt that some changes were in order for this skill. We felt that this skill had viability in PvP but was kept out of play due to the high damage on end and the high spec required to make it effective. We’ve made a small reduction in the amount of damage dealt on end and improved the scaling on this skill so it is more effective at lower ranks.