Being a Member of the Guild in Guild Wars 2

The leader of the plant monsters was very weak now, of course, he had no cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, and the hero of Sparta also did not stop, and then he hit the monster with his sword.
Finally the proud monster fell to the ground, but it was still very stubborn, as if it wanted to say: “Human beings, today you can kill me, but you could not remove the coming darkness, you will suffer the pain of death as me in future.”
“What is the meaning? What is the coming darkness?”
Sparta felt that the people in this game were very strange, and he did not understand the meaning.
“You will see that, it is the awakening for the god of darkness, we get the strength of spell because of him.” It was so supernatural, and the god even could make a plant learn the spell. Sparta did not care the words of the plant monster, because he was only glad to complete the task, he thought that he would get much Guild Wars 2 gold.
He killed one BOSS of plant monsters, and he got 180 point of experience and 100 point of prestige value, and now he was in level 5, the military rank of Sparta in Spear of Sun was in level 1.
Sparta was in level 5, and he thought that he could go to see Coil, and he wanted to buy Guild Wars 2 gold for her as present.
Sparta suddenly found that Landau might have some words to say, so he waited for a moment. After Sparta saw the explanation of the task, he decided to go to the shrine for Spear of Sun first.
“It is good, now you upgrade your military rank, and so you could proudly say that you are the member for Spear of Sun.” Landau really had some to words to say, and there were many words, “I will give you the special Signet of Resurrection, and it is used in the interior of our guild, so you should use this skill well.”
It was the Signet of Resurrection for Spear of Sun, and it did not restrict the profession, its type was common, its attribute was signet, it could resurrect the ally of goal, and the ally would recover all of his life point and some Guild Wars 2 gold, this skill could also give the ally extra 10% for point of energy according to the military rank of the user, but this skill could be used once for one task, and after the morale was bolstered, it could be used again, the casting time of this skill was 3.