Arathi Basin

Keep some needless to say, in the men’s singles ability when the thief keep point alone or very reassuring, best can point support now. Here you just need to double concentrating, dot good news ahead of the other or steal the number of points and professional, and then drag the time as much as possible and support; Or you are confident to yourself, put away each other directly? Effective use of deceit talent and dart throwing, remotely break 3 seconds instead of in the sky, and then drove the sprint cloak evasion knife knife fan rushed into the crowd scarlet storm, you can hang back and prepare for the ready, or more resistant to beat. Cloak over it is best to disappear, anyway again for 7 seconds. Waiting to sail fighting knife knife fan disappear again, then bravely rushed up to handing over chapter to die. Hope your teammate to support fast enough.
As for stealing, there needs to be highlighted. You must be listen to chief conductor, I had to steal some success then colonel from melee treatment gives a support to crash the regiment war finally defeat to rivals. Special meaning outside sometimes disturb of pre-arranged, off-guard cases may have bad results, while in possession of under the premise of 3 points, it is better to first ensure resources open to ensure a certain advantage. The original poster is sometimes one’s fingers itch really sucks instead, although not much, but it’s worth to take. (an attacking thieves is really can’t stand the temptation of stealing points!) steal points in different ways, have mates steal (use your stealth curtain), there are empty and swaggering ran to open point, or confident to single, here he said simple ways to start an order.
There is a post a while ago a thief area, the author said in a commentary in the current version the thieves single point virtually impossible, countered by the landlord, eventually abandoned. In the building, the difficulty of the arathi basin the thieves single point compared to previous version does increase a lot (everybody knows why), but not impossible. The original poster had an arathi nu steal 7 PM record (4.3 2400 level competitors), and now can only accept the reality of increasingly difficult. , admittedly, a mature and experienced psychological quality good keep flag is stole a biggest rival, no hurry not rashness drag skills support (especially with pets) can accomplish perfect defensive and allow you to change, but we are thieves, a sneak in the shadows waiting for the best timing to thieves, stealing the battle, from the moment you out stealth combat begins, this is a technical and psychological battle, rather than simply you cut me I cut your heads-up.
We have to do everything just for its which interfere with seven seconds, so you can pay all the skills of the CD. Opponents again is strong, also can have short board, also can have slack off, you have to do is take the opportunity of the moment, as Philip? Inzaghi is a fatal blow to opponents. Rogue advantage is stealth, chapter you can SAP cheat blind open flag so arrogant to fire the new flag, can be found after “so ashamed into anger” nu grass opponent wave pretend to disappear and then another wave of lax moment while rivals, or like I mentioned above 7 seconds smoke flare opening and flag football and the like. As much as possible, you need to do is to seize a loophole in the opponent’s psychological and layout of find them one of the most “dishes”, quickly won and ask if colonel is to support or just drag a wave of time. You know, every time you suddenly disappear for competitors is a psychological shock, is the person who gave them fighting at the front of a psychological blow. Stealing points, is a psychological warfare; And steal the point process, is the art of a battle.