A New Member in Guild Wars 2

“Welcome to be a new member of the Spear of Sun, you will get much Guild Wars 2 gold in future.” Coil said, and she had great style, though she was a woman, but she was not weaker than a man.

The new member Coil called was also a great person, and his profession was as the same as Coil’s, his name was Sparta, a man without hair, but he was a little handsome.

“Thank you, Coil, I want to know what I could do for the Spear of Sun.” Sparta said politely, in fact, he played this game for the first time, and he did not know what and how to play this game.

“You could do many things for Spear of Sun, but now please know your profession first.”

“I am an oracle.” Sparta felt strange about his profession, “Shall I take care of other people?”

“Yes, we could add blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold for others, but it is not the most important thing, we should encourage our mates with battle howl and holy sang, and then they could show their great battle power.” Coil said carefully.

“Am I a singer? I played a game before, and a person in the game had a zither, she killed persons with music. I think the oracle should like her.”

“Yes, my child, what you said is right, and I think you could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for others soon.”

When Sparta heard that Coil called him as her child, he felt strange, because Coil looked not old, even if she got married and had a child, maybe the child was only about two years old.

Of course, this was only because Coil was kind to her followers, after a while, Coil said with her tender voice: “The oracles are born leaders, and if there is an oracle in a team, and then this team will become very strong, and if the oracle dies unluckily, this team will lose strength, so please protect yourself well.”

“Yes, I know, now can we go to kill the pirates?” Sparta asked, and it seemed that he was impatient.

“Don’t hurry, and you don’t have the equipment and the Guild Wars 2 gold now! Look, this is a war spear for a new player, take it with you, and then you will know the feeling of killing a bad man.” Sparta accepted the new spear, it looked very simple, but it was better than having no weapon, or else when he came across the pirates, he might be killed soon.