A New Combination in Guild Wars 2

The new players got the win finally because of the hint of the great man, and then tutor appeared again, he said to the people: “Congratulations to you for getting the win of the first challenge, you get much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, and then our guild will send the second combination, and it is the combination of disciplinary monk.”
“Could a monk kill a person?”
“The monks could not kill persons, but they could plus blood, and they have many troublesome buff skills of defense, so you could not kill them, and they also could not kill you.”
“Well, we can take more skills of high damage, and I don’t think they could plus blood more quickly than our attack.”
Another group of new players got into the arena with their skills and Guild Wars 2 gold. In fact, I did not know this combination well. When I had the challenge before, other people took me, if I fought with the disciplinary monk alone, I often failed. But I was sure that the disciplinary monk could not only plus blood, they were wrong.
The monk had three departments, they were healing, protecting and disciplining, the healing and protecting were used for saving himself or his teammates, but the disciplining was used for attacking enemy.
We could see the match inside with the video equipment outside, so it was live! The four disciplinary monks were much closed to each other, and they took swords in their hands, but the swords could not hurt other people badly, they were different from the swords which were made by Guild Wars 2 gold of the former enemies.
The four players smiled, they thought that the disciplinary monks could only plus blood, so they wanted to kill the monks quickly. The Fireball of the elementalist and the heavy hammer of warrior hit the monks together, and then the monks lost much blood.
The monks used a skill of adding blood, and maybe the disciplinary monk could only add blood really, but I did not know whether they could buy Guild Wars 2 gold by themselves. I remembered that there were many powerful attack skills in disciplinary department, but they did not use them. I learned them when I was in the old Ascalon, and I still remembered the name of my teacher.
When I was thinking of the memory, a strange thing happened, the four monks were adding blood, and they did not use any skill of damage, but the warrior lost much blood, and he got much point of damage.