A Clever Person in Guild Wars 2

“Oh my god, why are the four Mesmer so powerful, and what kind of sword do they have? I feel that they are stronger than a warrior.”
“Don’t be afraid, if they could not hit us, they are not terrible, we failed this time, because we did not take the block and blinding. Let’s get into it again, and we will block and blind them, we should add much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, and I believe that we will get the win.”
“Yes, it is a good idea, and other people could not have this idea.”
These four people went to have the challenge with the block and blinding again, but after a few seconds, they failed again.
“I don’t know what happened, as if the four enemies are not affected by the block and blinding, it seems that it is useless even if we buy Guild Wars 2 gold.”
“Yes, though we could not hit them every time, but they could hit us every time, it is so strange.”
“There is another thing, I don’t know whether you find that they gave us 40 point of damage once they used the sword, and it did not change.”
“Yes, I found that, I am also a Mesmer, and I have thin skin, so it is possible that I lost 40 point of blood one time, but you are a warrior, you also lost 40 point of blood, but you also lost much Guild Wars 2 gold at the same time, did they use the Critical Strike?”
“Even if they used the Critical Strike, they could not use it for many times, it is too strange.”
“No, it is not strange, their weapons are different from simple weapons.” A person said, and it seemed that he knew how to fight with the enemies, and I wanted to listen to him.
“What do you want to say?”
“Their weapons won’t be affected by block and blinding, and they are also not affected by armored defense, they could give enemy the stationary damage, they even don’t need to use their Guild Wars 2 gold. Unless you are not touched by their swords, or else you will be hit.”
“I know, no wonder their swords are red, and they seem to be strange.”
“It is the function of the turned weapons, it is a buff skill, and it could be got, could you get rid of the buff?”
“I am necromancer, and I have the Buff Gaffing.”
“I am a Mesmer, and I have the Buff Crushing.”