How to Use This Guide


This guide was created to help people level quickly and efficiently while still being able to afford training, mounts and gear. I utilize images and icons to give you a visual que in the guide when it’s time to repair, get some help for a quest, or travel. There are also seperated sections that will point out places you can earn money or get a neat item. No addons are required in order to use this guide. Additionally, this guide is completely solo-able. Lastly, this guide assumes you have all expansion packs related to World of Warcraft.

How To Use This Guide

This guide is formated for easy reading and easy leveling. Every 10 levels or equivlent zones are seperated into chapters. In each Chapter the steps you need to take are numbered. Beneath the numbered steps are additional instructions to help you along the way. All quests are linked to WoWHead. There are no locs or coords given in the guide so if you are having trouble with a quest, follow the link and you may find the assistance that you need. When you are ready to begin choose the appropriate starting chapter according to what race your starting zone you chose to level in.

Indicated at the top of each chapter you will find a link to the key as shown below. These are the images I use in my guide and what they mean.
Sell. Repair. Restock. This is the icon you will see the most often. This is just a reminder icon to tell you to unload/reload your packs before heading out again.
Hearthstone. This icon indicates you will be using or setting your hearthstone.
Flight Path. This icons means you will be collecting a new flight path. Don’t forget it or you’ll be doing more travel than strictly necessary.
Travel. This icon is here to show you that you will need to fly or otherwise travel to a different place in order to complete the step.
Group. This icon means you will be doing a quest that is hard to solo. Most quests in this guide are solo-able but they are easier if you have help.
Save for Later. This icon means you need to save a particular item for a later quest or other use.
Go Shopping. This icon means you will need to purchase an item from a vendor or the Auction House in order to complete a quest.
Phat Lewts. This icon marks a section that doesn’t necessarily benefit your leveling or gold funds. These steps are for reputation grinds and farming sessions in order to get access to neat, rare items or achievements. These items may or may not be of any real use to you. Areas marked with this icon are completely skippable.
Opportunity Knocks. And you should answer! Sections marked by this icon will show you potential areas to make some gold. While these steps are skippable, I don’t recommend skipping all of them because they are a major source of funds for you as you level.