The Ranged Guild is located in central Kandarin just south-west of Seers’ Village. It’s for members only and you’ll need level 40 ranged to enter. The combat bracelet teleport is an easy way for members to arrive just outside the guild door. Simply rub it and choose this guild as the destination. Read the combat bracelet items database entry to learn more about making and recharging it.A leatherworker is located on the north-east edge of the guild. She will tan your cow, dragon and snake hides for the same prices charged in Al-Kharid and the crafting guild.Also, there are a grand total of four stores where you can buy ranging items.

There are two ways to train here. The first is to go up the central tower to the first floor (second floorUSA). The tower advisors will tell you to start ranging the archers on the other towers. You have to use a longbow to be able to attack the different level tower archers. The level 19 archers use iron arrows, the level 34s use steel, the level 49s use mithril and the level 64s use adamant arrows. Training here means losing your arrows on the other side, but being able to pick up the ones that drop by your feet. The guild is a multi-combat area and all three archers on each tower will attack you together if you start ranging them. Your second option is the minigame that runs along the south-eastern boundary of the guild. Here you find the competition judge.