39-42 level hunting area “Virginia leaves plug” strategy of Tera

Group 1 is the pollution of the diagram hunting jungle, 2 is the theme of the jungle, 3 is the life of the canyon

Leaf plug three group Virginia hunting area creep level similar, but the actual strategy is quite different from that of difficulty. Gloria, close to place the jungle of pollution, the ancient jungle, the life of the canyon hunting route the best choice.

First, the pollution of jungle strategy is relatively low difficulty. If the strategy is death of christians in the dungeon stealth player, here is not too much trouble.

The jungle of ancient and pollution are not many jungle strategy difficulty, but the monster number be many. And these monster use a variety of skills will let each strategy may not appear the well adapted to.

Life is a strategy canyon last place, here’s an unlimited monster will let each player will have a lot of trouble.

Can’t lock focus attack I’m afraid a lot of players to adapt to a period of time, the game play up the battle system is like money action game. If you don’t want to be shot, then need to avoid. If you are not in the weapons range, so don’t want to be playing hurt. The game battle rhythm soon, even if like “the slaughter (Slayer)” such a standard MMO skills slot damage output career, fighting up feeling also and other online games such as “world of warcraft” is different.

When fighting game of the attention of the screen in the central forever, any player will get BOSS hatred by aura unmarked, so also convenient for other players to avoid or conversion role. In combo, skills notification will be continuously attacks you and activation skills are shown on the screen as a reminder. In the right time to press the blank space key can trigger combo, make the attack became more simple.