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NHL 18

NHL 18: EA’s List Of Top 10 Right Wings And Defenseman

In order to prepared for the upcoming NHL 18, thanks to EA SPORTS, some players ratings were revealed. With the release of NHL 18 is approaching, EA SPORTS has been building hype, currently, on social media, players ratings can be released, obviously, there’s been an overhaul of the rating system. Including top 10 right wings , top 10 defenseman and more, click for source.

NHL 18

EA’s list of their top 10 right wings were unveiled. Every Lightning fan’s Russian, Nikita Kucherov, broke the top 3 with his 89 overall rating. It’s worth noting that the right wings position has less depth than other positions, as the list starts with an overall rating of 86. Finishing 5th overall on the league’s point list, Kucherov proved to be an elite player and one of the best at his position.

Finishing 5th overall on the league’s point list, Kucherov proved to be an elite player and one of the best at his position. While his rating may seem a bit low, it’s worth noting that the player at the top of this list, Patrick Kane, is rated only 2 points higher than Kucherov.

Released first, the top 10 defenseman features none other than victor hedman at spot number four. Receiving a 90 overall rating, EA sports cited his shot blocking, body checking, and stick checking as their reasoning behind his placement. Above him, are Brent Burns with a 90, Drew Doughty with a 91, and of course, Erik Karlsson with a 91. Directly below Hedman are Duncan Keith with a 90, and Ryan Suter with an 89.

Aside that top 10 right wings and top 10 defenseman, there are many other top player ratings, top 10 centers, top 10 right wings and so forth. When the full game is released, you can play as all of your favorite Lightning players on September 15th. You have the option of buying more NHL 18 Coins at U4GM.

NHL 18

Connor McDavid’s Place On The Cover Of NHL 18 Seemed An Inevitability

As a sports fans, they are always focusing on their favorite sports games every year, and looking forward to the unveiling of a new athlete for the cover. Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid was selected as NHL 18’s cover athlete, is an appropriate choice. The full details of upcoming title NHL 18 have been revealed by EA SPORTS, coming on September 15 to PS4 and Xbox One. There’s more detailed news here from:

NHL 18

Even if Connor McDavid is merely 20 years old, but he is one of the most outstanding players in the league since his rookie debut last year, racking up 100 points in 82 games this past season, so his place on the cover of an NHL title seemed like an inevitability. Whether or not fans expected to see McDavid grace the cover so soon is up for discussion, but there’s little question that he’s a great choice for NHL 18 and EA SPORTS.

The development team has been working to inject NHL 18 with the kind of creativity that is part of the new NHL, which is filled with young players who have speed and skill and execute moves that used to be relegated to pond and pick-up hockey. In this next edition of the hockey sim, gamers have more control over player skill and creativity than ever before. NHL 18 news would continue to update at U4GM, pay attention us and you will get more discount to buy NHL 18 Coins.

For NHL18’s significant improvements, bring a more realistic hockey experience. In addition, the game’s artificial intelligence (AI) is also improved, allowing players to make use of the open ice in ways that weren’t previously possible. The experience of three-on-three hockey is throughout NHL 18. NHL THREES is a new mode in NHL 18 and was inspired by the fast pace of three-on-three overtime.

Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV’s Annual Event That The Rising Will Be Hold On 26th

Final Fantasy XIV’s annual event that The Rising will be hold on this month’s 26th at 8:00 am. If you’re an experienced Final Fantasy XIV fans, as you know, The Rising was regarded as Final Fantasy XIV’s anniversary event. Consequently, This year will be no exception. More precisely, this event at 8 am and run until 14 September.

Final Fantasy XIV

New to Final Fantasy XIV are the franchise favorite Samurai and Red Mage jobs. Unique to this particular area of world, the jobs have a very unique history with the land, and players will learn more about them during their travels. For the Samurai, their focus is on maintaining skill based DPS and utilizing chained attacks. The Samurai can enter a special phase that unlocks unique AoE skills for large damage. Still looking to buy fast, cheap and reliable Final Fantasy XIV Gil?

The Red Mage is a bit different, however. More in the vein of a battle mage, Red Mages can use both Black and White magic, along with some decent melee combat capabilities. Their job gauge focusing on maintaining an even balance between white and black magic, which fill up when using both skills. Once both white and black mana are maxed in the job gauge, you’ll unlock access to special Red Mage abilities.

Final Fantasy XIV will also be running a 14 hour broadcast in honour of their fourth anniversary. That takes place on 1 September. If it’s like prior events, there will be seasonal event quests to pursue and items to acquire. The times and dates are about all the information that’s available so far. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information of the full game of Final Fantasy XIV, see more at here.


Madden 18: PS4 Pro Owners Can Look Forward To HDR And 4K Support

Currently, the developer studio EA Tiburon is working on the new American football simulation Madden NFL 18, which will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from 25 August 2017 onwards. At Madden NFL 18, EA SPORTS is switching to the Frostbite Engine, which is already being used for football simulation FIFA and ice hockey simulation NHL.


As the players have now confirmed against USGamer, the PlayStation 4 Pro is supported, but not for the launch of the title. The support for the powerful PlayStation 4 Pro is expected to be postponed with a patch after the launch at the end of August. If everything goes according to plan, PS4 Pro owners can look forward to HDR and 4K support.

Stay tuned at for more Madden 18 news.


Albion Online Tips To Play In The Black Zones

Albion Online is a community oriented game. Still, some players prefer to take advantage of the Sandbox Interactive game alone. The black zones are the most dangerous areas of the game, so it is not advisable to venture alone and without guild. There are still some methods and precautions that will allow you to survive, not without risk.


What is Black Zone?

The black areas are the three large continents north of the royal continent, the continent of departure of the players. These areas are accessible only from an immense gate situated to the north-west of the town of Caerleon, in the city. When you enter this portal, you can select several destination points, each color corresponding to a continent: green for Anglia, yellow for Cumbria and red for Mercia. You can return to the city by borrowing the same portal or any one located in black zone.

It should be noted that when you return from the black zone, you will be associated with the portal you used to return for ten minutes. This means that for ten minutes you will only be able to go to the last portal used to enter the black zone (exit can be done through any portal). Moreover, you will be associated with the continent by which you have returned for two hours, so be careful when you set foot in a territory in black zone, do not regret to be blocked for two hours on the destination chosen.


Prepare your journey in the Black Zone

Before you go to these territories, you have to know something important. Each resource you find there will be a third or more. Therefore, there is no need to go to these places without having at least a Tier 3 tool available and the ability to use it, otherwise your travels will be just dangerous and not lucrative. Also provide equipment that will allow you to escape easily, with invisibility or dashes.

Black areas are places where everyone is hostile, therefore you have no protection, every person you meet will be an enemy and be sure that every enemy you encounter will try to land you to recover the loot on Your corpse. Therefore, it is best to come up with a little expensive equipment, which you can afford to lose, depending on your financial capabilities of course. Also, we advise you to use a mount that you can replace, but especially the fastest you can find, preferably with the most possible hit points, to escape quickly.

You should also stay near the war camps, places that guilds must control to attack their opponents. In each of these camps is a chest where you can deposit your crops or precious objects. Therefore if you return there regularly you will die with a minimum of resources on you and your work will not have served any purpose. Think about checking out when the camp will be unblocked so that you do not risk taking the entire guild on your head when it can be activated.

In the maps, it is advisable not to use the roads to travel, in this way you avoid the big groups who want to move especially quickly and your meetings will probably be other collectors, like you. Staying near the edges guarantees a slightly higher level of safety, even if it is also possible to fall into a cut-throat in the middle of a forest. It is necessary to know where you are heading, think of opening your card regularly so you do not get trapped.

When you get down from the mount to harvest your resources, be sure to stay close to it and be responsive in the event of an attack. By staying close to your mount you will be able to climb on your horse quickly in case of attack and instantly put distance between you and your attackers. In this way, you will have plenty of time to escape to a military camp or gate to Caerleon and take advantage of your passage.

It should also be noted that, in general, mobility in the black zone will always have to be favored. Whenever you encounter an opponent in a guild or alliance, the guild or alliance will likely announce that a harvester is dragging on a particular card. If you are lucky the guild will not have to do it, but sometimes it will happen that this one sends a small contingent to come pick you. Stay in motion, if you change the map or area on the map, the terrain to cover for enemies that cross you becomes much more important and you will become more easily a ghost.

If you want to earn fame in the black zone, you can attack the solo dungeons, symbolized by a green opening on the map. These dungeons are feasible alone and bring good reputation although cleaning them alone takes some time. These are relatively uncrowded places as guild players will prefer to visit several dungeons that earn astronomical fame in a short time. We must nevertheless be careful: let’s say that you are dying in front of a monster and that an enemy comes in at this moment, he can quietly put the coup de grace before you plunder. Prudence is in order.

Finally, remember, under all conditions, that the equipment is a consumable in Albion Online. Yes, you have lost equipment to several million coins! It’s unfortunate, but that’s how you’ll get back the money and you’ll get back to that piece of equipment. One should never despair at the loss of an equipment and see it as if it were a simple potion of life.

It is very necessary for you to make money in game to prepare for Albion Online. However, you can buy albion online silver cheap on UpAlbion if you don’t have enough time to make money.

eso DLC

The Elder Scrolls Online DLC Horns Of The Reach Costs 1500 Crowns

ZeniMax announced that Horns of the Reach, the new pay-per-view DLC of The Elder Scrolls Online (included in ESO Plus), is now live on PC and Mac servers. This is the first content after the release of Morrowind’s expansion Last June.


The DLC introduces two new dungeons (Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge) and several new sets and achievements. Usually Horns of the Reach comes along with a free update, Update 15, which implements a new map for PvP battlegrounds, Arcane University, and an unprecedented mode, Chaosball. There are also new homes and furnishings, as well as various improvements to the quality of life, especially crafting. Finally, the Champion Point cap is raised from 630 to 660.

The DLC costs 1500 Crowns. On August 29th, Horns of the Reach will also play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

NHL 18

NHL 18: You Can Buy A Special Edition And Play Three Days Early

NHL THREES in NHL 18, an arcade style mode, in addition of this, it features all sorts of ridiculous including the ability to play as your favorite mascots. That featured the same 3-on-3 hook, but the visual style and play were even more arcade-like. NHL THREES lets players team up or compete any way they want to play-online, offline, competitive or co-op.

NHL 18

In next month, there are more surprises, which will have a circuit-style Campaign Mode, a single-player experience where players progress through regional circuits, unlocking challenges and encountering surprises along the way. We will update more news and guides with on U4GM as soon as we get the official announcement, visit here right now.

All starts with the NHL 18 release date on September 15th, Connor McDavid is the NHL 18 cover star and if you buy a special edition you can play three days early, without the need for EA Access. You can pre-order in advance Young Stars Edition and Young Stars Deluxe Edition, more bonuses content such as Connor McDavid adidas HUT jersey, Connor McDavid EASHL celebration and more.

Hence, the early NHL 18 release date is September 12th, and the standard version of the game arrives three days later on September 15th. If you want to see more in-game footage for NHL 18, stay tuned U4GM, today, we released the latest video from EA, enjoy it. In the coming days, we will continue to update more new videos from official website.

Moonfire faire

The guide for getting FFXIV Moonfire Faire

As we know The summer seasonal event: the Moonfire Faire has released, but the time is limited this event is only available from August 8th, 2017 at 1:00 a.m. PDT to August 26, 2017 at 7:59 a.m. PDT. Below is the guide if you haven’t get it yet. Hope it will be helpful for you.

Moonfire faire
At first you should go to Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks ( X: 11.5, Y: 13.8 on the map) and speak to the NPC Mayaru Moyaru, and then you’ll get a quest named “The Isle and the Faire” it’s requires 30 level. Then continue the follow steps:

1. Travel to Costa del Sol

2. Swim to the Isle of Endless Summer (located at X: 36.7, Y: 31.0)

3. Speak with Haermaga

4. Speak with P’obyano

5. Speak with Jiriri

6. Use firework mortar on cannon (X: 37.4, Y: 29.4)

7. Report back to P’obyano for completion

In order to get more Faire Vouchers you need to Repeat the quest on  the Isle of Endless Summer for getting some special items. If you are 30 level you can also back to “The True Meaning of Summer”, it will reward you full set of faire clothing and the seasonal achievement.


NBA 2K18 Shows In Video The Biggest Graphic Change Of The Saga

Before the launch of NBA 2K18, PC users, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will enjoy a demo called “The Prelude”

Users of PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (first in digital, later in physics) will jump to the field to demonstrate their skills in the world of basketball with ‘NBA 2K18′. This new delivery, developed by 2K Sports Studio, will allow us to enjoy intense basketball matches alongside all the teams that make up the NBA and various game modes. The launch of NBA 2K18 is set for next September 19 and we have already had the opportunity to see the first images of the title. Now we only need a video to see the work of 2K Sports is movement. Well said and done, since the studio has shared a video recently in which we show their development process.

In this video, which lasts just over three minutes, we can see the appearance of this graphic delivery, paying special attention to players’ clothes, the realism of their faces and movements, which will be more dynamic. Before the release of ‘NBA 2K18′, users of PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will enjoy a demo called “The Prelude”, which will be available on September 8. Unfortunately, it seems that there are no plans to launch it on Nintendo Switch. The demo will allow you to create a player in MyPlayer and play with him during college years to get to the NBA. If you are interested in this new delivery, we remind you that ‘NBA 2K18′ is now available for booking through this link, where you can find several editions for sale.

More NBA 2K18 news we will post here in, you can keep eyes close in our site.

The trick of Lockpicking in Elder Scrolls Online

The Trick of Lockpicking in Elder Scrolls Online

when you explore in Elder Scrolls Online, you will come across locked doors and chests hiding loot like other players. Do you know how to lockpick?

You are likely to already know the lockpicking mechanic in Elder Scrolls Online, if you have played Oblivion before. If you haven’t, try to unlock chests and lock picks that you can find littered throughout the world, or you can also buy them from vendors. Unlocking chests and doors can be tough, but the more you manage to lockpick, the higher your skill will gets and the easier future lockpicking gets.

The trick of Lockpicking in Elder Scrolls Online
The interactive lock will appears on your screen, and you can see five pins. If you are on PC, press down your lockpick on each pin to unlock it by left clicking. You can also unlock it by holding the right trigger if you’re on console. The time of picking each lock in Elder Scrolls Online is limited. Don’t spend more time on it because if you spend more time on it, the lock level will be higher.

Is there a  trick to lockpicking successfully? Yes the trick is to release each pin just as it begins to wiggle. You will hear the click after you let go. That means it has been unlocked. After you unlock one then quickly move to the other pins before the time runs out. Don’t be afraid to fail, your lockpicking skill increases with each attempt, the only cost is the lockpicks.