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Mu Legend is now working on creating better gaming experience, regardless of experienced gamers or beginner, and they can enjoy a brand new game. According to Richard Moon, as Head of Global Business at Webzen, the first closed beta was a massive success, with great community engagement and the collection of precious game-related data. Some gamers have managed to buy Mu Legend Power Leveling. Mu Legend will satisfy new players…


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Albion Online is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive, a studio based in Berlin, Germany. The game is currently in its final beta and aiming to launch later this year. If you are in need of cheap Albion Online gold to help you reach higher level or gain powerful equipment at any time, UPAlbion, which is the best Albion Online gold site 2017, can be your best choice. Definitely,…


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Mu Legend: Smaller Groups Fights And Large-scale Guilds Battles


Mu Legend is one of the first 3D MMORPG in South Korea, and its predecessor was developed by Webzen. At the same time, the game’s MMO ARPG hack-and-slash. Mu Legend is a mix between MMORPG and ARPG in that you see other players out in the world. It’s said to that cheap Mu Legend Zen for sale at U4GM? There’s a main city everyone gathers at, group content is available…


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Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive, located in the medieval fantasy world of Albion. Like with previous Albion Online series, the currency used in Albion Online is called Albion Online Gold and Silver. In the game, Albion Online Gold is used to buy equipment such as weapons and armors as well as items and other accessories. Silver can be used to purchase items from shops as well…


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Action RPG & Mu Legend: Fantastic Graphics And Character Design


Mu Legend, which is a top down RPG with a heavy emphasis on action, it plays very similar to other action RPG’s, the battle was great, until now, we can see why so many gamers are looking for fast cheap MU Legend Zen already as the aesthetic does grab your attention and make you want to see more. When you are playing Mu Legend, and the way that you move…