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FFXIV:Tank – sword fighter

Sword fighter as early FF14 professional one of the Tank, the other is axe the warlock. Less HP attribute is high, the growth of high technology with special high magic armor, deputy shields, and increase the skills of hatred, decrease injury skills is the characteristics of sword warlock, of course, these are standard Tank to characteristics. Talk about sword warlock, prime minister, start with a big selling point FF14, that is. Good, because the armor are real performance in appearance, but the residual is early equipment are not good, so if it is female sword warlock please don’t show the head gear, and male sword warlock, please show the head gear, because male sword warlock stupid ugly point can snap aggro is more. In addition, the sword warlocks actually not the sword in his hand, and the length should only be called dagger. But to qualify as a sword the paladin is in the early can only bear it. The second point about this code, the Tank will have to talk about hatred sword warlock snap aggro ability is a commonly used even with effect, this ability needs to fit the level of initial skills fast attack, namely use fast attack first, and then use two skills to connect with the effect of increasing hatred and damage, otherwise only the skills of initial damage; Another link-up skills and initial effect is to increase the additional skills damage and restore the MP. Along with the grade you will acquire a group increased hatred skills Flash, effect is to increase the enemy’s hatred around itself, it is worth mentioning that Flash skills are drains MP, now that you know before the recovery MP even get skills what is of use. After you will acquire the snap aggro ability is a flying skills, flung out shield hate as the name implies, remote, is often used to blame. Level 22 you will acquire a similar skills, but increase the hatred without damage, 40 s CD, and the effect is not very good. No group damage skills is a bit confusing. Here would like to remind you the player (T and DPS should note), FF14 present feeling without immediately blame the target of changing skills, and even the superposition of Tank hatred is not fast, Tank, as a result of DPS sometimes too strong to pull don’t come back, so it’s to DPS the Tank target to output current as far as possible, don’t choose Tank outside the current target. Here to put forward some opinions, interrupt skills about warlock one sword, shield bash. Down the target 3 s, 2 s and 1 s, diminishing, (refresh after a certain period of time?) , unexpectedly is a GCD skills, a high consumption of TP had the GCD. It’s hurt, often play fireball just press the skills, fireball directly read the article to blow itself up, while looking at skills CD in that circle fierce keys, very not easy before the explosive finish read the article before using skills and shake, living blow itself up in front of you, that call a helpless. So I think interrupt skills should be set to the GCD is good. Because rains this week when open clothing or power network, very not easy online and accomplishing off take notice, chaos without cut to figure a bit sorry. But sword warlock skills there is no need to explain, even with the only effect is likely to be other DPS career didn’t already mentioned above, so to look behind me to write the snap aggro early lessons should be no problem.

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FFXIV gun warlocks use three test result

4 finally over, is also the first time I play FF14, gun practice to 32 level warlock, the experience of similar experience to share their own experience here: Gun warlock thieves in the positioning of the basic equivalent to other games: high, low, less blood, and the battle for positioning the demand is higher, a lot of skills need to stand in the side of the strange and back to hit the maximum damage, here is introduced a gun warlock active skills:

The initial skills, but also a few combos hands skills, harm, but necessary.

The damage is low, but with 20% speed (normal attack effectively only to blame), the initial 10 seconds to slow down, after the upgrade to passive increased to 20 seconds. For the same strange repeatedly use effect in half.

Evasion + 20% within 30 seconds, by multiple strange WeiOu can effectively increase the survival rate.

One of combos follow-up skills, individual with low damage, in After the use of double damage.

Rogue backstab, combos behind the initial skills, standing behind the strange damage to 180, using fewer early.

Gun warlock control skills, low damage, 3 seconds dizzy, can interrupt the most strange article reading skills, continuous use of the same strange effect in half, with other output skills CD, initial CD30 seconds, after the upgrade to passive skill for 20 seconds.

Side output skill, the damage, but on the side can be used for their own 10% additional damage BUFF, early for 10 seconds, after the upgrade to passive skill for 15 seconds, a copy of the initial output is one of the main skills, want to be lazy can stand in the side of the strange without using the skills, also not bad.

Spear attack long-distance shots, 15 professional task acquisition, TP high consumption, low damage, basic only used to blame.


Gun warlock is the only means of reply, next attacks for 10 seconds to reply their maximum life of 20% of the value of life. Early CD90 seconds, after the upgrade to passive to 60 seconds.

Reply TP 300, practical skills, level 22 before BOSS frequently, TP late long enough to output, have the basic skills can keep stable output. Long BOSS war, suggested that the TP is less than 700 will use the skills, 3 minutes and can be used again, but there was no copy within 32 level basic BOSS war for more than 3 minutes. Early reply tp 300, upgraded to passive after 450 tp.

Combos finishing moves, must be inAfter use to achieve maximum 300 damage. After 26 learn this skill level truly reflects the gun a powerful warlock output capacity.

Classic berserker BUFF, a 20% increase in damage, its damage by 25%. Late CD80 seconds, to maximize the output of common skills, but open to pay attention to time and their own safety.

One of the rear combos, must be inMonster after use, damage good, with 10% lower the effect of thrust defense, later one of the main output skills.

Gun lock one of the few AOE skill, in front of the linear range, low damage, TP consumption is higher.

Gun lock one of the few AOE skill, side combos follow-up skills, must be inAfter use, its surrounding group damage, damage, TP consumption is higher.

Combos finishing moves on the back of, must be inAfter use, damage, effect is not very understanding, because no practice to level 50, so no comment.

Introduce all active skills, for now, said the output:

Early skills without all the more casual, can the side has no brain , also can the back has no brain.And, of course, if you feel boring, on the back side – but every 10 seconds to run from the side to the back. After level 26 my output technique for: once every 15 seconds sides complement BUFF, at ordinary times.

As for the level 50 after the output of the technique to temporarily haven’t study. Tips and where need to pay attention to: 1, the continuous skill must be used in sequence, and can’t use any other attacks in the middle class skills, otherwise combos. But such as dizziness, dodge, h. don’t except the skills of CD. 2, although the gun warlock is dealers, defense is not high also, but can also act as deputy in the copy of the T, interrupt, monsters attack treatment at ordinary times under control in time and back to T, the reasonable use, you will find that in fact the warlock is not so fragile, survival ability is stronger. 3, the last and most important: gun warlock advanced equipment professional dragon knight is very handsome!

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FFXIV producer letter discusses the game’s end and new beginning

In the 35th installment of Final Fantasy XIV’s producer letter series, Producer Naoki Yoshida delves into details about both the grand finale for the game in its current version and the impending alpha testing for A Realm Reborn.

The grand finale includes a final save maintenance for characters on November 1st, 2012. World servers will then be shut down on November 11th at 3:00 a.m. EST. At this point, the plan is to keep the game off-line until launch of the alpha. However, Square Enix is offering the chance for players to vote on whether or not to bring the servers back up in order to play together during the wait. The caveat is that all progress and changes will not be saved and carried over to the new version.

The letter also discloses information about the upcoming alpha test. The test will be in four phases; the first will be restricted to Japanese residents only. Beta will not follow until the producer is personally 100% happy things are ready for that stage.

For further details, check out the full producer’s letter.

“some of you have been wondering why we haven’t officially released the footage of the demo we ran at gamescom. The answer to that is simple: it still looks like an ordinary MMO. Sure, our current players have been bowled over by the differences between the original version and A Realm Reborn. However, for those discerning MMO fans who haven’t played the original version, A Realm Reborn in its current state merely looks like your everyday MMO…just with better graphics. Yes, we expected fans to upload their own videos of the gamescom demo, but I think that at this point in the dev cycle, this is a more exciting way for people to be a part of the whole process”

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New FFXIV trailer released, presentation viewable

FFXIV new version has been released, what kind of changes are highly anticipated new version, what a surprise to you, let us always know, if you want to know more, please pay attention to our service website.

If you’re a Final Fantaxy XIV fan who couldn’t make it to PAX Prime this weekend, YouTube is your friend. Square-Enix released a new video for its Realm Reborn reboot that is comprised of in-game footage, and we’ve got it for you in its entirely after the break.

An enterprising fan also managed to record over 15 minutes of Square’s PAX presentation, which we’ve also included after the cut.

[Thanks to everyone who tipped us!]

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Roleplaying (community) drama

Well, the show’s over, everyone. Nothing you do in Final Fantasy XIV matters any longer, in both the cosmic sense and the more immediate one. I hope you got what you wanted to get finished all done!

This does not mean that what we do as a community doesn’t matter; it always matters. It matters whether the servers are on or off. And that segues nicely into the latest community brouhaha that I’ve been witnessing, which is essentially a roleplaying schism handled in the way that only roleplaying schisms can happen. Roleplayers are one of the only groups that can still be just as active regarding a game we’re not currently playing, odd though it might seem.

I’ve touched on the Final Fantasy XIV roleplaying community more than once in the past. For some of you, I’m sure this is more or less irrelevant. But seeing as how the game’s last save has taken place and there are no more relevant discussions to be had regarding drop rates, quest difficulty, or anything else, would it really be so bad to take a step over and look at how the character-building half lives?

A distorted and inaccurate history lesson

Before I explain the situation, I’d like to make it clear that I’ve been an outlier and general supporter for most of the events I’m discussing here. I like roleplaying, and I encourage it, but I’m not going to try to manage a roleplaying community in any way because I don’t have a pressing urge to incite suicidal thoughts. If you’re reading this and protesting that this is not the way something happened, you may be right; this is secondhand. If you’re reading this and taking it as a gospel recounting of what took place, stop that. Moving along.

When FFXIV was on the horizon, a gentleman by the name of Kylin decided that it would be a good idea to have a single focused community for roleplayers. This is kind of a big deal, seeing as how Final Fantasy XI’s insane server selection (or lack thereof) made forming a single roleplaying community nigh impossible. Thus was formed the Roleplaying Coalition, or RPC as it has been known forever after. (I had to think for a minute about what the acronym stood for, to belabor the point.)

Now, Kylin figured that as long as a community was being formed, this would be a fine time for everyone to start working together toward a single standard of roleplaying. This is also a laudable goal. Even disregarding the usual spate of secret magical vampire roleplaying you find everywhere, having a single standard for events, timelines, and so forth would be a useful tool for roleplayers in general. So Kylin proceded to outline his views of the RPC’s overall role, which included basically serving as the roleplaying police.

Some members objected to this, among them a gentleman by the name of Lior. As Lior saw it, the community’s role should be to encourage roleplaying, not to create an environment where you either adhered to certain rules or you weren’t welcome. Thus began roleplaying drama in earnest before the game had even reached a testing stage, which would be a new record with any other sort of community. (I’m pretty sure there’s already roleplaying drama in the WildStar roleplaying community.)

After extensive debating/arguing/catfighting, Kylin backed off and left the RPC as a neutral force. This still clearly rankled him and the people who agreed with him, and his designs on being a community administrator cleary rankled Lior and the people who agreed with him. But seeing as how the entire community imploded shortly after launch, this sort of fell by the wayside.

Not very long ago, Lior opened up his own community site for roleplaying, dedicated to providing a roleplaying community that both met his personal standard for what the community ought to be like and was an alternative for those not terribly happy with the RPC as it stood. Cue an explosion of drama visible from orbit.

My bias, if it matters

I know both Kylin and Lior, albeit the latter better than the former. Both of them have been supremely cool people in every interaction between them and me, and both of them have their own version of how events went down.

While I’ve been involved with the RPC and the roleplaying community as a whole, it’s been from the knee-deep level, not from the top. I’ve led one linkshell, briefly, and that’s not what this was about. I was not involved in any of the discussions about how the roleplaying community should or shouldn’t be handled aside from serving as an observer and providing intermittent color commentary when the drama spilled out from private discussion. While I’ve got some issues with the RP community in the game, they aren’t relevant to this discussion.

If it needs to be said, after countless articles from me about how important roleplaying is, I don’t have a side in this. The side I support — and will always support — is the side of “roleplaying is cool.” Anything that encourages people to roleplay is aces in my book. Creating an environment that’s RP-positive is a big personal wish. My bias with these sorts of arguments is for people to not be arguing over how we have fun and just have fun.

So where are we?

Right now, we’ve got two roleplaying communities being formed. The problem is that the game doesn’t need two communities; it needs one unified community, and splitting the community will kill roleplaying and so forth.

The obvious answer? No, it won’t. Fighting amongst ourselves will kill roleplaying. Creating rules about whether or not Jets can roleplay alongside Sharks is far more dangerous than the existence of the Jets and the Sharks. Division isn’t only a natural part of roleplaying communities; it’s an entirely healthy one.

Not everyone enjoys the same sort of roleplaying. Not everyone enjoys the same intensity level, not everyone enjoys the same subject matter, and not everyone is keen on the same amount of raw game time. Roleplaying is like any other in-game activity, with a lot of different permutations based in individual preference and schedule. Trying to form one standard that applies to all roleplayers everywhere is a process that’s doomed to wind up being exclusionary and fail because there will be people who look at that standard, decide that it doesn’t fit them, and walk away.

That’s the real potential tragedy — not seeing that there are so many different communities, but getting the sense that you’re not welcome in any of them. The game can support two different communities. It can support people who are part of both communities, or people who are part of only one, or people who choose to be part of neither but still enjoy roleplaying. Providing more spaces for people to come together is a good thing for all involved.

And let’s be honest — the community is already divided. It’s divided so many times by now that it could have produced an entirely new species of single-celled life. Trying to prevent divisions from forming in the community is like trying to prevent the breakup of Pangaea. We’re long past the point when this could be prevented.

So embrace it. Let people do their own thing. Let us build many houses for people to move between, and above all else, let’s remember that while we might differ on the how, we agree on the what. And with this, I hope to fix all drama ever forever.

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NWN: One character or many?

The guy on the left looks awfully smug about his neck.

Final Fantasy XIV does not encourage players to have multiple characters. Even disregarding the game’s somewhat strange pricing structure, you’re expected to have one character because that one character can level every class and clear every quest. All that having another character does is slow your overall progress — you’d only be doing things twice.

By contrast, Star Wars: The Old Republic all but insists that you make alts. The game’s Legacy feature encourages you to level several different characters, and the fact that chunks of the game’s story differ depending on your choices means that a single character doesn’t see the whole game. Having another character enhances both characters to the point that filling your character slots is almost expected.

Most players fall somewhere away from either extreme on the sliding scale of alts. But let’s assume you have a game that gives you only the two options — have one character or have all the characters. Which would you prefer: a lone character who can do everything or an army of characters that collectively do everything?Click here to FFXIV Gil learn more game content and services.

Ever wish that you could put to rest a long-standing MMO debate once and for all? Then welcome to the battle royal of Massively’s Leaderboard, where two sides enter the pit o’ judgment — and only one leaves. Vote to make your opinion known, and see whether your choice tops the Leaderboard!

Leaderboard: One character or many?
I will choke the sky with all of my alts! 310 (44.2%)
My lone character will be a one man-or-woman army! 391 (55.8%)

FFXIV developer blog reveals chocobo-barding-in-progress

(Picture of a) screenshot of Final Fantasy XIV chocobo barding

Today’s Final Fantasy XIV developer blog is a bit on the light side, but it does provide us with a sneak-peek at the in-game model for some chocobo barding that producer Naoki Yoshida had teased in a previous Producer’s Letter Live. The concept art was revealed in a batch of screenshots and artwork back in October, but now, thanks to the wily Fernehalwes, we have a shot of the barding model in progress (see above).

Fernehalwes notes that the armor “appears to be lacking textures” while pointing out that “those horns have an uncanny resemblance to the ones found on a certain legendary beast… in a recent Final Fantasy XIV trailer.” Gee, whom could he possibly be talking about?Click here:FFXIV Gil to learn more about the game information and services.

FFXIV previews levequests and group combat

Here's hoping that there's a reason why they're all fighting this Dullahan and it's dying so slowly so that we don't have wandering nightmares when we quest.

Final Fantasy XIV is changing a lot with its relaunch, but many of those changes are a matter of giving the old a new purpose and function. Such is the case with the much-maligned levequest, previewed in the latest video update from the game’s alpha version. The new system seems much cleaner, with more narrow level bands, a distributor right at the camp, and a much simpler interface for starting and finishing one of these quick repeatable bursts of content.

Looking forward to working in a team a bit more? Then you’ll be happy that the second half of the video is devoted to an early preview of group combat, switching back and forth between several members locked in battle with large opponents. While the abilities and balance are still rough, it’s a clear departure from how the game looked and felt in the first version. Check out the full video just past the break.

The given example shows a classic setup with tank, damage dealer, healer and supporter roles. For me this is fantasticnews. You can also see the classic attack from behind to take advantage of a blind spot. You can see an Archer doing his job and a Mage switching between heals and offensive spells. It all lokks like the reborn realm will be great. I hope they keep up the promise they deliver with these videos. More wonderful click here:FFXIV Gil.

Final Fantasy XIV producer’s letter

A Final Fantasy XIV guildhest screenshot

Final Fantasy XIV has been ramping up to A Realm Reborn, the massive reboot that has fans excited and nervous at the same time. In the hopes of whetting fan appetites even further, Naoki Yoshida is letting players know just what’s cooking via a new producer’s letter. It turns out that gamepad users have reason to be excited for phase two beta testing.

It might be standing room only, though, as 100,000 testers have joined up so far. It’s caused some issues on the servers but a weekend of tweaks to FATE-related performance issues might help loosen things up a bit. That is until phase two kicks in and even more testers are welcomed. After all, how else can you stress test a server? Phase two testing should begin in early April, so grab your controller and jump in if you can.

There’s also news about phase three testing! Guildhests, which are based on behests from version 1.0, will welcome groups of players even from early levels. They are supposed to be a great way to party with friends before going out and tackling the big stuff.Click the FFXIV Gil more game information and third-party services.


August 10 – 16, 2013

I excuse myself from the audience.

Welcome to another installment of Betawatch, ladies and gentlemen. To start the show, I’d like to note that all our audience members waiting for Final Fantasy XIV can go ahead and leave now; you’re not going to pay attention and we all know it.

This week’s surprising beta tidbit was Aeria Games’ announcement about Aura Kingdom at Otakon, not usually known as an MMO reveal venue. Hearthstone has also entered its closed beta phase and done away with the stifling power of the NDA. Beyond that, it’s been a fairly quiet week, with NCsoft making noise about the Lineage Eternal beta but not actually announcing any dates or details. We also heard about the MMO-like Nether moving into early testing, though it’s really not a proper MMO title.

As always, you’ve been a great audience, and we hope to see you again next week. The full list of games we know of in testing is just past the break, of course, so you can feel free to check it out (and let us know if something slipped past us).

Open testing phase

Massively considers a game to be in open testing if it has open, public signups and plans for a server wipe before its official launch. Self-described “open beta” MMOs that have soft-launched with functioning real-money cash shops will not be listed.

Anno Online (Ubisoft): Announcement, Signup
City of Steam (Mechanist): Announcement, Signup, /r/
DK Online (Aeria): Announcement, Signup
Dragon’s Prophet (Sony Online Entertainment): Announcement, Signup (launching Sept. 18)
Eternal Saga (R2Games): Announcement, Signup
Heroes & Generals (Reto-Moto): Signup
Salem (Seatribe): Announcement, Signup, /r/
SmashMuck Champions (Kis Studios): Announcement, Signup, /r/
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Online (CyberTime Systems): Announcement, Signup, /r/ (Russian-only)
Taikodom (Gamersfirst): Announcement, Signup
The Missing Ink (RedBedlam): Announcement, Signup
UFO Online (gamigo): Announcement, Signup
Universal Monsters Online (Bigpoint): Announcement, Signup
World Alpha (World Alpha): Announcement, Signup
World of Warplanes ( Announcement, Signup, /r/
Closed testing phase

We consider an MMO to be in closed testing if it features either future test signups or an ongoing semi-private beta/alpha that cannot immediately and freely be accessed by the general public. Some are restricted by NDAs.

Bounty Hounds Online (Wicked Interactive): Announcement, Signup
Dragon Born (KoramGame): Announcement, Signup
Earthrise: First Impact (SilentFuture): Announcement, Signup (testing starts “soon”)
Eldevin (Hunted Cow Studios): Announcement, Signup
End of Nations (Trion): Announcement, Signup, /r/
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Square-Enix): Announcement, Signup (last test on 8/16/13, launching 8/27/13)
Grecca (Banbox): Announcement, Signup (in “open” alpha)
Hearthstone (Blizzard Entertainment): Announcement, Signup
Infinite Crisis (Turbine): Announcement, Signup
Ingress (Google): Announcement, Signup
Legend of Edda: Vengeance (GamesCampus): Signup
Lime Odyssey (Aeria Games): Announcement, Signup
Line of Defense (3000AD): Announcement, Signup
MU Rebirth (Webzen): Announcement, Signup
Origins of Malu (Burning Dog): Announcement
Otherland (gamigo): Announcement, Signup, /r/ (development in limbo, possibly canceled)
Starlight Story (Aeria): Announcement, Signup
Starlite (Project Whitecard): Announcement, Signup (fka Astronaut: Moon, Mars, and Beyond)
The Elder Scrolls Online (Zenimax): Announcement, Signup
The Repopulation (Above and Beyond): Announcement, Signup, /r/
TUG (Nerd Kingdom): Announcement, Signup
Venus Rising (FoxySoft): Announcement (fka Orgia Romanus; adult MMO, possibly NSFW)
Warface (Crytek/Trion Worlds): Announcement, Signup
WildStar (Carbine/NCsoft): Announcement, Signup

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