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Distrusting the Ice Empress in Guild Wars 2

Oh my god, the death cavalry was not the soldier, he was an assassin. The skill could hit enemy very fast, and it could interrupt the movement of the goal, the function was as the same as the skill of a freelancer.

The enemy hit Cable quickly, and then Cable lost much blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, a soldier had strongest ability of defense in Guild Wars 2, if the enemy hit Polly or I just now, we might die.

The death cavalry used the third skill, and the light sword was flying around us.

After he used the suit of the skills, he started them again, because the three skills had short cooling time, so he could use them continuously. We even had no enough time to resist him and buy Guild Wars 2 gold. But even if he was strong, he was still an assassin, so he could also be blocked. In fact, the assassin was afraid of the evasive enchantment, because the skills of an assassin were continuous, if he was blocked, he could not use the other skills.

After the cavalry was killed by us, there was a dagger, of course, the blade was very long, and all of us thought it was a sword before.

It was the Thor’s Edge, it had good attribute, but there was no assassin in our team, so I put it away. Maybe I could call Kaiser out to play it sometimes, I thought he would thank me, in fact, I missed him a little.

“Well done, ice empress; you could take them here.” We heard a cold voice suddenly, and then a cavalry came out from the darkness.

He was Graf, and he was in level 28, of course, he had much Guild Wars 2 gold.

He wore black armor, his sword was different, it was not blue, and it was as red as blood. The sword had a serrated blade; I thought that if I was hit by the sword, I would lose much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold.

But what did he want to say? Were we the preys? I had a bad feeling, maybe the ice empress cheated us, if it was true, and the ice empress was too insidious.

“Graf, watch what you say, I won’t cheat my friends.” The ice empress knew the meaning of the words of the cavalry, so she explained quickly, but I felt she told a lie.

I did not know what to say, because I was very sad. 

Guild Wars 2: Taking about the Ice empress

“Is that true?” I looked at the ice empress with distrustful eyes, though I did not want to distrust her, but I must care my mates and my Guild Wars 2 gold, because if they died because of my fault, I would regret very much.

“Of course, I am sure, Dylan, please trust me!” The ice empress said to me with tender voice, as if she wanted me to remember that night.

“Ice empress, you don’t need to pretend to be a friend of them again. The White Mantle promised you that as long as you killed them, your friend would be free, and he will give you much Guild Wars 2 gold.”

Graf said seriously, after a while, he added: “You could kill them with your own way, you may kill them with the help of the dwarves of the Stone Summit, or you could also take them to the Lost Tower.”

“Ice empress, tell me, what he said is true, is it right?” I was very angry this time; I could not believe that she was such a bad woman.

“Yes.” The ice empress said tortuously, and she cried, I never saw such an expression of her before, I did。

“You are a bitch, I will kill you!” After the ice empress acknowledged, Latvia was very angry, and she wanted to kill the ice empress.

“No!” The ice empress closed her eyes, and she thought she would die; she even did not use her skill and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.

“Latvia, calm down, let’s listen to her explanation.” I stopped Latvia, because I felt that the ice empress wanted to tell us something, and the situation was not as easy as what Graf said.

If the ice empress was really bad, she did not need to explain to us now, she could hit us with Graf together.

“I have something to say.” After a while, the ice empress said: “The White Mantle promised me before, but I am not sure that whether he will really release my friend, he could threaten me with Baroque, as long as Baroque is closed by him, I have to listen to the White Mantle, but I word for him not because the Guild Wars 2 gold.” The ice empress said sadly.

“Yes, you are right, you are powerful, if he drops you, and it is a pity, if I am the White Mantle, I won’t let you leave.” In fact, I felt she was so sexy, and I wanted to get her. 

Guild Wars 2: A Monster in the Lost Tower

“It is too terrible, what shall we do?”

“There is only one way, it is killing him, we must kill him with our cheap Guild Wars 2 gold and skills before he goes to kill other people.” The monster told us the choosing, though all of us did not want to accept it, because he was still the friend of the ice empress.

“But you must kill me first, and then you should go over my dead body, you will go to the seventh floor.”

“What about you?” I thought he should be our friend just now, but he still wanted to fight with us, I felt strange.

“I am also spoiled by the hostility, don’t you know?” It seemed that he was very painful, as if he said to us: “Kill me quickly, and then I will free myself.”

“Yes, I know, I promise you.” The ice empress said.

But this skill was useless to the monster, because he was a monster of elementalist, one Fireball only made him to lose one hundred and fifty points of blood; he even could buy Guild Wars 2 gold.

It was the Flow Flame, and its profession was elementalist, its type was fire magic,

It could hurt enemy with seven to ninety-one points hurt of fire, if the enemy was attacking or using the skill, then the enemy nearby would also be hurt, and it consumed ten points of energy, the casting time was one, the cooling time was fifteen.

It was a fire magic of big area again, it was lucky that we separated in time, so nobody was hurt. After a while, we came into the enchantment. But the monster was too powerful, so we still lost much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold.

It was the element defense enchantment, and its profession was elementalist.

It would last for eight to eighteen seconds, and it consumed fifteen points of energy, the casting time was one, the cooling time was twenty.

Another enchantment opened, and the monster wanted to destroy it with his staff and his Guild Wars 2 gold.

He used another skill to burn us with the fire, and then some huge fire balls fell off, and they were bigger and bigger.

“Be careful!” As if the monster still cared us, so he said to us, though he could not control his body, but he still called us to escape quickly.

We got an important message from the monster; I thought there should be other monster as him on the seventh floor and the eighth floor.

Finally he was killed by us. 

Eighth Floor of the Lost Tower in Guild Wars

“Thank you, ice empress, my evil wraith gets the relief, now I will go to my dungeons, and I could have a warm life, and the cheap Guild Wars 2 gold is not important.” Though the monster died, but he did not hate us.

“You should be careful, Baroque is more powerful than me, and it is difficult to kill him, ice empress, don’t be kind to him, or else all of you will die.” The monster said to us with concern.

“Yes, I know, I will remember your words, you could go contentedly.”

“Well, I will go.” He closed his eyes, and then a golden crystal person flied out of his body, and it flied to the distance.

“Is he a fairy now?” Dakar said, and his eyes were big.

After a while, the ice empress said: “It is our true form of the digital life, if we die in this world, we could also resurrect without the Guild Wars 2 gold, as long as the original data is not lost.”

“Does the White Mantle also have the wraith?” I remembered a pointed question quickly.

“Yes, in fact, the White Mantle died many times, but he could resurrect himself every time. Because the players only killed his mortal body, and his wraith could not be killed.”

“It is so serious, how could we kill him?” We were trying our best all the time, but now we lost our confidence.

“Only one person could kill the wraith of the White Mantle, it is you!” The ice empress said seriously.

“Is it me?” I was scared; I remembered that Mahon called me as the chosen person before.

“Yes, now you should know you have a great responsibility, and why I want you to help me, and I even could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for you.”

“What is on the ground?” Santana saw a staff.

It was the Fire Staff of the monster.

Santana was very happy, of course, I gave this staff to her.

When we got out of Ascalon, we had new weapons, so no matter whether we got win in this Lost Tower, we got many weapons.

We got to the seventh floor, it was a narrow path, and there were many death cavalries on the way.

We killed them with much Guild Wars 2 gold and skills, but we also got much experience, and now all of us were in level 17 or 18.

We came to the end finally, and we came across another narrow path again, it was better that there were fewer death cavalries. 

Guild Wars 2: The Perfect Combination of Our

It was a closet task, and we had to give the plan to Lonoke quickly. After Lonoke got the plan, and he frowned, as if something was wrong, but I wanted him to buy Guild Wars 2 gold for us quickly.

“What’s wrong? Is the plan sham?” I was a little worried about the plan.

“The plan is true, but you are great chosen person, you have very slow speed.” Lonoke complained.

I felt that he was too hateful, when we were running a risk in the Lost Tower, what was he doing? If he could not give me the awards of the closet task, I would not help him.

A sword fell off, and the meaning was that we completed the closet task.

“Glad to see you, you are the warriors of Ascalon, and I will give you much Guild Wars 2 gold.” The prince saw us in the valley, and then he said to us.

“Well.” I looked at the valley, and then I was scared. I did not know how long the refugees were in this valley, and they were playing there.

“This deer’s leg is really delicious, Samaria, you are successful this time.” Mahon said, and he was having the meat of the deer.

“What do you mean? You want to say that I also made a mistake before.” Samaria was glad when she heard Mahon’s compliment. Since Samaria burned the roast last time, she learned from Santana. But the last word of Mahon made Samaria unhappy.

“Keep quiet, I ran a long way in order to get the deer, and I nearly got into the camping ground of the dwarves of the Stone Summit, you should thank me and give me some Guild Wars 2 gold.” Aidan said.

“Yes, the credit is due to Aidan.” Mahon said.

Oh my god, they were too leisure, and I thought that if we did not come to help them, they would be in this valley forever, why did not they open a road by themselves?

But it was a task of chief line, and we had no other way, so I felt that we had bad luck. Now there was Baroque in our team, we still had Santana, so we had two fire elementalists, and Cable and Latvia were two soldiers, Polly could add blood and Guild Wars 2 gold, so we could get rid of the monsters quickly. I thought the combination of our team was perfect now. 

The Relation between Saris and Dagmar in Guil

The prince was different from his father, his father’s eyes were covered with the right and the reverence, and he lost the nature. The prince was the son of people, he cared the people really. So people were so sad to lose their prince, they even wanted to save the prince with all of their cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.

“I am so glad to see your sadness. I am the god!” Dagmar laughed as a crazy man, and he really considered himself as the god of the Shiver peak, it seemed that he thought that he got the win finally, and all of us would be killed by him, we were very angry.

“Excuse me, leader, the Frost Gate is opened by the enemies.” A soldier came to tell Dagmar hurriedly. It seemed that the soldier knew that he was going to be blamed, and he looked at the leader carefully, because he knew that if Dagmar was angry, it would be bad, maybe he would be killed by Dagmar.

“It does not matter, we don’t need the Frost Gate any more, we have more important goal. Let’s go to the south Shiver peak, I want to get the capital of the country, it is the Gornar Bellybreaker, and we will get much Guild Wars 2 gold.” Dagmar said, and then he left with his monster, they went to the south way.

The soldier was very happy to hear that, because he did not need to die, and then he followed his leader happily, of course, he went to buy Guild Wars 2 gold for the leader first. The army of the dwarves of the Stone Summit set out.

“Stop! You are real ogre! You killed our prince!” Dwayna said angrily. We understood her.

“Let him leave, he is a mere innocent boy, and he is my cousin.” Saris said suddenly.

“What did you say just now? Is Dagmar your cousin?” I was very surprised to hear that.

“Yes, we have the same ancestor. In fact, it could be said that all of the dwarves are brothers, and we come from the snow god.”

“Don’t tell me the useless story, I only want to know whether you are brothers, are you related really?”

“Yes, his grandfather is my grandfather, and his grandmother is my grandmother, so we are brothers.” I felt that he was too boring.

After a while, Saris said again: “He was a spoiled child when he was young, because my grandfather and grandmother very liked him, they gave him much Guild Wars 2 gold before, so he thought that he was the greatest man, he was even stronger than the god. I am his elder cousin, and I don’t teach him well, so it is my fault, and I should say sorry to you.” 

Guild Wars 2: The refuge for the injured ones

“I know, what is his name? I will help you to hit him badly.” I was very angry.

“No, don’t go to hit him, you only know hit other person, what do you know else? You could not resolve everything with your violence, you are stupid.” Zaria said to me, as if she was my mother, it would be better if she could buy Guild Wars 2 gold in Guild Wars 2.

“Helena needs warmness now, and she only wanted to forget the hurt.” I thought it was right that only a woman could understand a woman. Now I knew why they could be good friends, because Zaria was also abandoned by her boyfriend before, so they lack experience.

Oh my god, my house was the refuge for the injured women; maybe there would be more women in future, but if they could help me to get the cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, it was great.

“Well, don’t stand there, come in please.” Zaria said, as if she was the host of this house, and I was her tenant.

We had the dinner together, of course, Zaria cooked for us. When we were having the dinner, I wanted to ask Helena the thing about her and her boyfriend for many times, but if I did it, Zaria would be angry again, and maybe Helena would be sad, now she smiled, so I wanted her to smile.

Zaria said after the dinner: “We should think about an important question now, how should we sleep tonight?” Yes, what she said was right, there were only two rooms, but we had three persons.

“Dylan, I know you are a good man, so please go to sleep in the drawing room.” Zaria said to me with her sweet smile, I really wanted to buy one more room with the Guild Wars 2 gold.

“No, it is not good, I come here for the first time, and the host has to live in the drawing room, and I feel sorry.” Helena was really tender; she knew that I was the host in this house.

“What shall we do? Do you want me to live in the drawing room?” Zaria said.

“No, Zaria, if you don’t care, let’s live in your room together, ok?”

“Yes, you are good friends, so you should live together.” In fact, I had this idea early, but I dared not to say it out, since Helena said this now, I was happy.

“Yes, you are right, my bed is not small, and it is enough, Helena, let’s go.” Zaria said.

After they got into their room, I also came into my room, and then I got into the Guild Wars 2 quickly, because I did not have much Guild Wars 2 gold. 

Giving Help to the White Mantle in Guild Wars

So it seemed, I knew why there was no the wraith on the bridge now, they went to fight with the White Mantle Guild, what should we do? Shall we go to help the White Mantle Guild with our skills and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold? Because they were our allies now, but if we went to help them, we would be in danger, there were too many wraiths.
Maybe we could sit here to see result of the war, but it was not a good method, because there were more wraiths than the members of the White Mantle Guild, even if we joined the group of the White Mantle Guild, the wraiths were still dominant.
If we let it go on, the wraiths would get the win finally. I saw two necromancer knights in the group of the enemies, they were treacherous, they were waiting for the death of the soldiers of the White Mantle Guild, and then they could summon the bone demon with their skills and the Guild Wars 2 gold.
No, we must help the White Mantle Guild, and we should stop the necromancer knight to summon the bone demon at least. A leader of the White Mantle Guild saw us at this moment, and he shouted to us: “You are warriors of Ascalon, please help us, only you defeat these wraiths, the gate of border will open!”
What he said was right, but I still hated the chairman of the White Mantle. I knew they extorted us.
We had no other way, after we went to buy Guild Wars 2 gold, and then we went to help them. I saw a skeleton Mesmer, and I knew he could use the two strong skills, so I thought we should kill him first.
It was the Fire Shackles, after three seconds, he was attacked by the fire.
It was the Hex Excitation, its profession was Mesmer, it diverted a negative skill of mate to the user, and the user could get four to nine point of energy, it consumed five point of energy, the casting time was 1, and it had no cooling time.
A Mesmer had a skill of getting rid of the negative skill, and he could get full energy at the same time, he could also learn the skill of the enemy in twenty seconds. Of course, the Fire Shackles the skeleton Mesmer learned was not powerful, because he did not add the Guild Wars 2 gold on the fire magic. But it was still a bad thing that he got a good negative skill of us. 

The Analogous Skills in Guild Wars 2

He was so powerful, and I played the necromancer before, so I knew this skill well. Though this skill only gave the goal twelve point of additional damage, as if it was not high, but if three ghouls attacked together, there would be thirty-six point of additional damage.
The necromancer chose Baroque as the goal; did he want to second kill Baroque? I was afraid that I did not have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
It was the Gain Blasphemy, its profession was necromancer, its type was curse, it could give the enemy and others nearby six to forty-nine point of shadow damage, it consumed ten point of energy, the casting time was 2, and the cooling time was 15.
The elementalist was as the same as the monk, he always had many beneficial skills, so they did not always buy Guild Wars 2 gold. The necromancer used a Gain Blasphemy, though he could not get rid of the beneficial skill of Baroque, but each skill gave Baroque four to seventeen point of extra shadow damage, and the total damage was high to 100.
It was an insidious skill again, and I was familiar with it at the same time. Suddenly I remembered that I learned the Gain Pollution when I left Qaysan Empire. I used it to deal with Battle Guild before.
These two skills had the same explanation and the function, only the names and the icons were different. It was not profligacy that there were two same skills, instead, it could create more new skills, and each one could help people to get the Guild Wars 2 gold.
Nobody knew how the repetitive skills appeared at first. Maybe the magic was created on the Tyria Continent at first, and then they spread to the Qaysan Continent and other places. But users made some mistakes during the communication process; maybe the name was wrong, maybe the paternoster was wrong, so the repetitive skills appeared.
Tenor sneezed suddenly, “Who is abusing me? I don’t mistake the name of the skills.”
Baroque was attacked by the Gain Blasphemy, and the three ghouls were attacking him at the same time, so he lost much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold. But he was still the leader of the Lost Tower, so he was brave, he used a Hell Fire when he was attacking by the enemies, and then the three ghouls were burned to die.
The necromancer knight was scared when he saw the dead bodies of the ghouls, but he regained his composure soon. 

The Loss of the White Mantle in Guild Wars 2

As if I saw the sweet smile on his face, though his face was covered by the shroud. I thought we should add the Guild Wars 2 gold quickly.
It was the Manipulation of Bone Demon, its profession was necromancer, and its type was death magic, it belonged to paternoster, it could use the nearest dead body to summon one bone demon who was in level 1 to 14, and the bone demon could use the ranged attack, it consumed twenty-five point of energy, the casting time was 3, and the cooling time was 5.
It was bad, because it seemed that the necromancer knight wanted to summon the undead retainer.
This bone demon was the strongest one among the undead retainers, because it could use the ranged attack, and the damage type was puncture, it could attack enemy badly.
Of course, a good skill needed to consume much energy, the bone demon had twenty-five point of blue, and other professions did not have the blue to summon the bone demon. We must buy Guild Wars 2 gold quickly.
The long evil incantation was over, we did not interrupt the ceremony of summoning the bone demon in time, and then a bone animal with a long tail was born on the dead body of the ghoul, and it looked like a dragon.
Just when the bone demon was born, it spited the spines out, and then we lost some blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold. We were very angry, and we burned the necromancer knight and the bone demon together, I believed that we could defeat them, we had six persons, and they only had one necromancer and a bone demon.
The necromancer knight knew the situation was bad, so he wanted to run away, but he turned back to have a look, and then he found that there was no his mate on the bridge.
We were also strange, there were many wraiths on the bridge just now, but now the bridge was empty, where did they go? Maybe they were afraid of us, and they knew our power, so they left. We did not have much time to think about this, after added the Guild Wars 2 gold, we began to cross the bridge quickly, and I took the pig and walked to the bridge.
“Stop them! Don’t let the Orr wraiths come into the village.”
“I could not stop them!”
“Yes, I am going to die.”
Many soldiers of the White Mantle Guild were killed by the wraith, and there were many dead bodies on the ground.