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Make A Wow Mule Character

Bank toon, bank alt, mule character, pack rat, whatever you call it, it holds your items and it keeps all your items in a safe and place and keeping your main character(s) nice and light with room to work around. Having a mule character can benefit a lot, but may take a little toll on your time and a bit of your money to send things around.

First off, having a mule character on your account would help your account guard some safe things if it is compromised; most hackers don’t realize some main characters aren’t holding all the valuable things and may think you’re just poor in general if you have all your stuff on your mule. Your mule character may just look like an alternate character you never finished! Keep in mind not many hackers take their time on accounts, they usually just get your stuff, throw some stuff around and leave. They don’t take the time to search all your characters for all your valuable things and just throw them all out, they go to the highest leveled character or the one that looks the one most worked on and go on it. Having a mule character can also help you with your bag space. Being the person not having enough space in bags to take that nexus shard that was dis-enchanted during a raid on Karazhan because your bags were too full because your bank was full also! You don’t want to be full in your bags either way, and you may not want to spend lots of money trying to upgrade your bags to top notch bags so making a mule might be a great idea for you.

To make a mule is a simple process, go to your main account and create a character. Choose a name with in mind that to save your mule from being targeted first from hackers, choose a name that doesn’t include something about it being a mule or a bank alternate character. Then, it doesn’t matter if you’d like to level it up at all, you can just rush off from your starting grounds to the nearest capital city. Once you reach the capital city nearest you, park your mule at the mailbox for easy access to things you send to your mule from your main character.

To send things to a mule is an even easier process, you take the item(s) you want to send to your mule and put it in the mailbox and send it off to your mule. Before you send your mail, check the name you’re sending it to; you don’t want to send the hard earned item to jonn instead of john! Now, it is time to wait, relax and sit for a bit. For a mail to be sent to another character, it takes an hour for it to reach the mule character; this system is to prevent from gold buyers getting gold, items and such from the mailbox. Once an hour has passed, put away your sunglasses, your smoothie, and your bathing suit and go onto your mule; your item should be there right in the mailbox if sent to the correct person. If not, wait a couple more minutes and see if it’s there, then check your main’s “sent” tab in the mailbox and see if you sent it to the correct person. If not, you’re a bit out of luck, but everything takes a time to check if you want to do it correctly.

Having a bank alternate, a mule, or a bank toon could really boost your time getting items and not having to wait in sadness while the items are passed out while you are sitting with full bags and bank. Get a mule and your days will be much happier. Happy muling! 

Farm Gold: Don’t Buy It!

When you were about an hour into your Warcraft session planning out some gear you may need in the future, you spot you might need to get a crafted gear which costs loads of gold to be able to make for the materials; you think, and you come up with the idea of just buying the gold off some site your friend referred you to. This is where you can go wrong, buying gold compared to making your own gold by farming is a big difference.

Farming your own gold can be much safer. Blizzard is a long-term company, and has been around for years; since they have been around so long, they have developed a sophisticated way to track gold sellers and especially gold buyers. Gold buying is a very risky thing to do, for with very hard-coded software they developed and tons of game masters working at a time, in a couple hours your account could go poof into the sky and you may never get on it again. Why do they do this? Because, according to the terms of use, the selling of the virtual currency for real life currency is against the terms of use.

Also, having your farmed gold can support the server’s economy; have you ever wondered why some of those items are so high priced? Because, with all the people buying gold and buying those certain things over and over again, causes the demand to go higher than the suppliers can supply. Thus, with this in mind, it will cause the prices of that item(s) to inflate. The economy of a server, or a game, is very delicate and if Blizzard lets these things go, that linen cloth could be out of your reach in no time at all!

When you go out to buy gold, you may think, you’re done with buying gold. Oh no, once you go into buying gold, you never come back; if you buy too much gold, or buy it so frequently, your account may become under suspicion and watched very closely by game masters and banned the second they find evidence. When you buy that item you have always wanted, you notice something else and you automatically think, you should buy gold again! It’s a vicious cycle, depleting your cash in your bank and next thing you know you’re living on crackers and water because you spent so much on buying gold.

Buying gold cannot be compared to making your own gold for with these things in mind, it can be a very dangerous thing and can eventually deplete your money and/or get your hard worked account banned! So, go out into the Nagrand air, and fly up to the Elemental Plateau and farm those fire elementals! 

Don’t Exploit Or Hack: It’s Illegal

These days, you may have seen rarely a hacker running at top speeds through Azahara while you were trying to quest and level up; you may have thought that it may speed your leveling up and help you out trying to level and such. But, using those programs to cheat in a game can be a trap and compromise your account you worked so hard for! Just even trying it out once and collapse all your hard work you spent hours and days on leveling up!

When you see that hacker, you think, let’s check Google for this kind of hack and download it from the site! Wait a minute right there buddy, that’s where the first problem with even doing these things is that it’s not safe to even visit the site nor download it sometimes! Some sites were set up mainly just to infect your computer system and key-log your accounts; just visiting the site can open a whole new world of misery for you. Even though the site may be safe, the program may be not; downloading programs from the internet has always been a problem if it’s not validated by some other people.

Sure, you may have downloaded it correctly and you are sure it doesn’t have viruses. Problem number two is encountered; World of Warcraft has been running for years, along with that, Blizzard has been open for even longer!

With such a long running game and company, would you expect something other than sophisticated, stealthy, guard programs watching your every move to see if you’re trying to attempt to hack World of Warcraft? Of course not!

Why do you think they ask you to agree with the terms of service, terms of use and all those policies with them saying you allow them to scan your computer for these types of things? Because they want to keep the game clean and give it the tip top shape it is in; World of Warcraft is one of the top MMORPGs running at the moment, they don’t want to lose their spot, do they?

So, if you do get caught by one of these programs, and by the time you get onto the login screen, most likely you’re banned already.

Okay, if you ever got into the game from those sophisticated programs, you’re now in the World of Warcraft world flying up places, climbing up walls, and doing a bunch of whacky things. Oh wait, you’re in Stormwind at peak hours and it looks like you’re climbing up the chapel with I dunno, a hundred people are able to see you? You see, every server has about more than a thousand players online at a time, spread them out in each zone, you’re likely to be seen and caught in no time.

Why do you think people pay about $15 a month to play a game? They want good quality, a good moderated game, and a nice community with no hackers. So, guess what? They report you on the spot once they see your name going up and down while you are walking on the green hill of Arathi Basin.

Keep in mind also, there are game masters hired for World of Warcraft that have bots that tell them if something is awkward in the game; that awkward thing may be you and they check you out. They click a button, and bam! You’re gone, and banned.

Keep in mind, Blizzard is a long running game company, that has a couple online games that have been running for a long while with good ratings; how do they accomplish this? Keeping people from hacking, botting, and exploits. Using these programs could mess up your hard work, and compromise your security of your computer. Play legitly, play happily, and be a good citizen of Warcraft. 

World of Warcraft players discover watermark embedded in screenshots

Every closed beta I have ever participated in has asked the same thing of me: that I wait until they feel like the game is ready to share opinions and screenshots. In many cases, I sign agreements that say I will keep quiet until I am told. That’s the price you pay for getting to play the game before anyone else, and I for one pay it gladly. Inevitably, leaks happen, and game developers have needed to track them down. In response, a lot of companies have started hovering a unique ID somewhere on the screen to try and deter this kind of behavior. If you know you are being watched, you are less likely to misbehave, or so they hope. Blizzard has taken this one step further and embedded a custom QR code in World of Warcraft.

Users on a World of Warcraft forum recently discovered a series of repeating graphical artifacts hidden deep within screenshots taken when playing WoW. After some good old fashioned community wide poking and prodding, it was discovered that this graphic worked just like a QR code, and even had 88 bits of data embedded within it. After extracting the binary code from the graphic and translating it to text, it was discovered that the information contained a user’s account ID and the realm IP address. The information is mostly harmless, especially considering Blizzard stopped using account IDs publicly after the new service launched. Still, the idea that Blizzard was slipping this information in without the user being aware is pretty interesting.

Blizzard clearly states in their terms of service that this kind of activity is going to happen, but doesn’t spell out this scenario specifically. When asked for comment, Blizzard employees noted that it was used specifically for tracking down leaks when players are invited to participate in private beta tests. What’s more likely is that the information is also used to help track down users who are involved in behavior that violates the Terms of Service for the game.

There’s some concern from players that this information, however limited, would be enough for a user to be specifically targeted for in-game spam or more malicious activity. Some have gone as far as to release an application that helps quickly translate the QR code into binary. While Blizzard hasn’t responded to the security concerns specifically, I am sure that their response will end with “hey, have you checked out our Authenticator?”

I would expect behavior like to this to increase dramatically over the next year. Game developers rely on user testing to help them find and fix bugs before these games are released. That system only works as long as users are willing to keep their screenshots to themselves and follow the agreements they accepted when invited to play the game. In the particular case of Blizzard, their Beta program goes so far as to record your system information to ensure the game runs well on a variety of hardware.

At the end of the day, it’s a clever application of the QR code system and I tip my hat to the guys responsible. 

World of Warcraft exploit sees entire cities die

Yesterday there were mass deaths across entire cities in World of Warcraft with the locations confirmed as having their populations depleted including Draenor, Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Ragnaros, Tarren Mill, and Twisting Nether . While players were initially amused, it soon turned to concern as it was realized entire realms were full of dead players and non-player characters.

Blizzard was quick to respond and confirmed late yesterday that an exploit had been used by someone to carry out the mass in-game murder. Thankfully a hotfix has been issued and Blizzard has promised such a thing cannot happen again, unless of course another exploit is found that enables it.

It doesn’t look as though Blizzard know where the attack came from as they are asking for player help to track down the culprit/s. Due to the short time the game was effectively dead to some, Blizzard is only issuing an apology rather than a few hours of time back to any player affected by the exploit.

There’s sure to be a number of upset players out there seeing as this happened on a weekend, but at least Blizzard was quick to react and fix the problem.

This incident wasn’t planned, but Blizzard has run some in-game events in the past that affected masses of players. A good example is from back in 2005 when a contagious plague was transmitted unintentionally to a city and continued to spread across the game killing both players and NPCs, turning it into an epidemic. 

Blizzard’s Black Friday sale: StarCraft II, Diablo III, and WoW gets discounted

Early for Black Friday (or super early for Cyber Monday, depending on how you look at it), Blizzard has brought out the big guns, and put its newest games on sale at large discounts.

Perhaps the most bang for your buck, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, is on sale at $19.99, down from its normal $59.99 price tag. Blizzard is also offering a StarCraft II bundle, which includes Wings of Liberty and a pre-purchase of the followup, Heart of the Swarm, for a total of $59.99. However, Blizzard already announced that HotS will release with a price tag of $39.99, so if you buy WoL today for $19.99, and then wait to buy the standard edition of HotS for $39.99, you actually save a penny. Of course, Wings of Liberty only seems to be discounted for the holiday sale, so the price should go back to normal after.

Along with StarCraft II, Blizzard has put their newest non-expansion release, Diablo III, up for sale at $39.99, down from its usual $59.99. If you work hard enough at it, you can use the Real Money Auction House and consider that $20 discount startup money. Unlike SCII, Diablo III only seems to be discounted for its boxed version, rather than both that and the digital download. We’re not quite sure if that’s intentional or not, as other reports of the sale don’t mention that difference.

Both the StarCraft II and Diablo III sales will last until 11:59pm on November 26th.

Blizzard has also put some retail World of Warcraft items up for sale in honor of Black Friday. The Battle Chest, which includes World of Warcraft and its first two expansions (The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King) is on sale for only $4.99. Cataclysm, the third expansion, is on sale for $9.99, while Mists of Pandaria, the fourth and newest expansion, is down to $19.99. Remember, these sales are only on retail versions of the products, which are only available at GameStop, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Fry’s, Fred Meyer, and Hastings.

Whatever you end up buying, you can thank Blizzard for sucking away all of your holiday time with cheap, super popular games. 

Coach temple, vein silver crumbs

This two pictures is the MOP just joined battle map of new version, the original poster is really have little idea for this two pictures, although a achievement, battlefield just open then immediately rushed to the battlefield for the two new battlefield into it, finally finished the hard parts, but for the 100 games achievement is pit dad. Not thieves pit dad, but random field is really all kinds of pig teammates series, such a simple map, clear and concise style, but someone can’t understand this two picture of the real test. Coach temple was good, both to spell fire fill quickly flag, but in small combat effectiveness on the battlefield… Silver vein is a tribe to the map, as for alliance is sometimes very helpless, start to send 1 or 2 car is often the case.
Ratings in the battlefield, thieves in coach temple flag as much as possible, please don’t fight, you are a professional rely on stealth, you are a very crispy, carrying flags is hurt playing high some, but more when you are in the grave waiting anxiously for resurrection. Thieves in this picture is a real killer, opponents of vulnerability is slightly higher, deceit bone under the talent with high proficiency in large Numbers to let you experience, escape disappear rapidly after looking for the next strike targets, or take advantage of the terrain with stealth carved lines, and opponents to flag the psychological make-up again into the stealth, and to create more confusion is your biggest task. If you carried the flag, you still are running out of their therapeutic skills and a lot of kneeling, helpless after MP, you’re welcome, your strength has weakened 50%. Please effectively arrange your skills match, as closely as possible to add on our advantage (harassment treatment, silencing mage and disappeared on the other side of the flag bearer, smoke with head count!), and then find a chance to kill each other, kill any enemy, after all, their own resources will also rise at 10 o ‘clock.
As for vein silver crumbs, rogue role than in other battlefield, once you stealth, you will lose control of her car, it will weaken the effectiveness of a thief, and you those little short legs often dragged walk, can only watched the car color. Rogue, please concentrate on tow people here above, SAP, blinding, without breaking stealth now), the poison blade (preferably with paralyzing poison held 4 seconds), cooperate with team to play melee, use the cloak and disappear fast approaching the car, but after please quickly out of stealth. Maybe you can match with wild, fight for every car ownership, but as a key battleground in the car and get off, sometimes you can only sigh this is occupational disadvantage.
Once encountered a group of 2600 + team, the other configurations are riding a ret paladin 1 2 3 milk destroyed 1 sp 1 ice method 1 thieves, 8 protection 8 sacrifice, 4 aura mastery, sp line under discrimination, our side changed other professions, the whole team is offensive to disperse, and is completely. Is like an arena, ratings in some occasions is completely can be done professional suppressed. As rating non-essential, thieves at that time what to do?
“At this time, as long as a smile.” 

Eye of the Storm

Here is the combination of and warsong gulch, arathi basin, steal point guard point, open flag DaQi, although for the map a lot of people have opinions, but since have to play is not opened it. Thieves tasks typically keep points, eye of the storm tactics most now is two waves among individual wrath acutely, four point every one big eye stares a small eye. Midfielder crush rivals since the don’t need to say more, luck is a banner, if midfielder entanglement, the more should pay attention to yourself at the foot of the tower, although the eye of the storm recently changed some, like advantages of tower smaller, with flag advantages become bigger (opponents scored 3 points, we account for 1 PM but not shut down the flag, of our resources to rise more quickly), but let the opponent always should not steal to their tower.
Now in the eye of the storm hold points tend to be DE (guard, guardian, or feral druids are likely to be more hard to grind, and the outbreak of the wild, hurt is really a thief can’t than), mage, hunter, rogue. If your skill set is not complete, honest, best to steal the mage tower and hunters, may invite humiliation (BLZ what you go to dead ah thief this heads-up ability ah fall), have to say the mage and hunters this version to the thief restraint in too obvious. If you are all the skills, or have the ability of the first world war, a brave young ah go create miracle!
Here as an example, in the eye of the storm of battle at a time, through experience judgment in magic can keep some mage is a command, his stance about eight yards in front of the flag, under normal perspective may can’t see clearly behind the flag. Played up in the middle, I decisively emptying the mage tower (no thief and hunter, of course, each other, to protect the blood elf tower generally can’t vent) behind can touch each other’s a mage, even the stuffy stuffy open success, directly on the final accounts for the below 3 points. SAP’s voice and DEBUFF will give competitors a reminder, this case is better than not stuffy. , of course, I also have the successful element of luck in it, don’t anyone open points no luck? Sometimes, want to bet.
“We are the shadow of the sword!” 

Arathi Basin

Keep some needless to say, in the men’s singles ability when the thief keep point alone or very reassuring, best can point support now. Here you just need to double concentrating, dot good news ahead of the other or steal the number of points and professional, and then drag the time as much as possible and support; Or you are confident to yourself, put away each other directly? Effective use of deceit talent and dart throwing, remotely break 3 seconds instead of in the sky, and then drove the sprint cloak evasion knife knife fan rushed into the crowd scarlet storm, you can hang back and prepare for the ready, or more resistant to beat. Cloak over it is best to disappear, anyway again for 7 seconds. Waiting to sail fighting knife knife fan disappear again, then bravely rushed up to handing over chapter to die. Hope your teammate to support fast enough.
As for stealing, there needs to be highlighted. You must be listen to chief conductor, I had to steal some success then colonel from melee treatment gives a support to crash the regiment war finally defeat to rivals. Special meaning outside sometimes disturb of pre-arranged, off-guard cases may have bad results, while in possession of under the premise of 3 points, it is better to first ensure resources open to ensure a certain advantage. The original poster is sometimes one’s fingers itch really sucks instead, although not much, but it’s worth to take. (an attacking thieves is really can’t stand the temptation of stealing points!) steal points in different ways, have mates steal (use your stealth curtain), there are empty and swaggering ran to open point, or confident to single, here he said simple ways to start an order.
There is a post a while ago a thief area, the author said in a commentary in the current version the thieves single point virtually impossible, countered by the landlord, eventually abandoned. In the building, the difficulty of the arathi basin the thieves single point compared to previous version does increase a lot (everybody knows why), but not impossible. The original poster had an arathi nu steal 7 PM record (4.3 2400 level competitors), and now can only accept the reality of increasingly difficult. , admittedly, a mature and experienced psychological quality good keep flag is stole a biggest rival, no hurry not rashness drag skills support (especially with pets) can accomplish perfect defensive and allow you to change, but we are thieves, a sneak in the shadows waiting for the best timing to thieves, stealing the battle, from the moment you out stealth combat begins, this is a technical and psychological battle, rather than simply you cut me I cut your heads-up.
We have to do everything just for its which interfere with seven seconds, so you can pay all the skills of the CD. Opponents again is strong, also can have short board, also can have slack off, you have to do is take the opportunity of the moment, as Philip? Inzaghi is a fatal blow to opponents. Rogue advantage is stealth, chapter you can SAP cheat blind open flag so arrogant to fire the new flag, can be found after “so ashamed into anger” nu grass opponent wave pretend to disappear and then another wave of lax moment while rivals, or like I mentioned above 7 seconds smoke flare opening and flag football and the like. As much as possible, you need to do is to seize a loophole in the opponent’s psychological and layout of find them one of the most “dishes”, quickly won and ask if colonel is to support or just drag a wave of time. You know, every time you suddenly disappear for competitors is a psychological shock, is the person who gave them fighting at the front of a psychological blow. Stealing points, is a psychological warfare; And steal the point process, is the art of a battle. 

How to Use This Guide


This guide was created to help people level quickly and efficiently while still being able to afford training, mounts and gear. I utilize images and icons to give you a visual que in the guide when it’s time to repair, get some help for a quest, or travel. There are also seperated sections that will point out places you can earn money or get a neat item. No addons are required in order to use this guide. Additionally, this guide is completely solo-able. Lastly, this guide assumes you have all expansion packs related to World of Warcraft.

How To Use This Guide

This guide is formated for easy reading and easy leveling. Every 10 levels or equivlent zones are seperated into chapters. In each Chapter the steps you need to take are numbered. Beneath the numbered steps are additional instructions to help you along the way. All quests are linked to WoWHead. There are no locs or coords given in the guide so if you are having trouble with a quest, follow the link and you may find the assistance that you need. When you are ready to begin choose the appropriate starting chapter according to what race your starting zone you chose to level in.

Indicated at the top of each chapter you will find a link to the key as shown below. These are the images I use in my guide and what they mean.
Sell. Repair. Restock. This is the icon you will see the most often. This is just a reminder icon to tell you to unload/reload your packs before heading out again.
Hearthstone. This icon indicates you will be using or setting your hearthstone.
Flight Path. This icons means you will be collecting a new flight path. Don’t forget it or you’ll be doing more travel than strictly necessary.
Travel. This icon is here to show you that you will need to fly or otherwise travel to a different place in order to complete the step.
Group. This icon means you will be doing a quest that is hard to solo. Most quests in this guide are solo-able but they are easier if you have help.
Save for Later. This icon means you need to save a particular item for a later quest or other use.
Go Shopping. This icon means you will need to purchase an item from a vendor or the Auction House in order to complete a quest.
Phat Lewts. This icon marks a section that doesn’t necessarily benefit your leveling or gold funds. These steps are for reputation grinds and farming sessions in order to get access to neat, rare items or achievements. These items may or may not be of any real use to you. Areas marked with this icon are completely skippable.
Opportunity Knocks. And you should answer! Sections marked by this icon will show you potential areas to make some gold. While these steps are skippable, I don’t recommend skipping all of them because they are a major source of funds for you as you level.