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Star Wars: The Old Republic : Bioware Rocked By Layoffs

According to a new forum post on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic site, Bioware, developers of SWTOR, is in “restructuring” mode, usually PR-speak for employees losing their jobs. The actual number of redundancies is not given.
Hey folks, since you’re reading this you may likely have heard that we’ve done some restructuring here on the SWTOR team. Sadly, we are bidding farewell to some talented, passionate and exceptionally hard-working people who helped make SWTOR a reality. Impacting people’s lives this way is always very hard, but we’re ensuring the affected people are treated with dignity, fairness and respect.


Looking back at launch, we all came together and did something historic. We executed one of the largest, most successful and stable launches of any MMO yet in industry history. That is not an easy feat for any development team or company and we are humbled and honored by our fan community’s strong support both at launch and beyond.


Perfect World International : Reflections Update Coming August 8th

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The Perfect World International team has announced that the Reflections update will be deployed on August 8th. The update brings big changes to the XP gain system as well as a streamlined quest experience for mid-level players.
Product Manager Tony Liu said, “Players now have more options than ever when deciding their path to end-game content. And for those who have already reached high-level, we’ve upped the rewards for completing each of the Nine Trials, added a weekly PVP event within the high-level zone of Morai

The Guild Wars 2 forum has been updated!

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The Guild Wars 2 forum has been updated with patch notes from the latest game update. Included in the update are fixes to several quests, WvW changes and class-specific updates.

The Mistfire Wolf skill will now properly unlock for existing characters on an account after upgrading to Digital Deluxe.
Fixed blocked events and skill challenges.
Fixed bugs that allowed players to go around map edges.
A number of items created by using Mystic Coins are now correctly set to level 80.

Fixed a blocking bug in story chapter “Brute Force.”
Fixed a blocking bug in story chapter “Research and Destroy.”
Fixed bugs in story chapters “Forging the Pact,” “Battle of Fort Trinity,” “The Ghost Rite,” “On Red Alert,” and “Tower Down.”

Random event is an action random occur for all the players in game. For example: an automatic player, suddenly appeared beside you and takes you to another place, to ask you to complete the assigned task, and then will take you to return to the original location. The NPC will give you some RuneScape gold, too once you complete the task. There are also some defunct random events is there will be a monster higher fighting level than you suddenly appear and attack you, you can choose to leave at once, or killing it. Usually the random task is very short and easy to accomplish. The benefits of random event is stop the players who farming RuneScape gold. Jagex refresh the random events of the system on March 27, 2008, because it was discovered that more and more players to use a plug-in automatic operation;

plug reductions had also finishing off, because the battle will hurt innocent players.


Mists of Pandaria may not have the innovative muscle but it does have some amazing content. Mists of Pandaria may not have the innovative muscle but it does have some amazing content. It also adds in some game systems like Pet Battles that create a whole new aspect of World of Warcraft. The longevity of this expansion gets a solid score of eight for that very reason. Simply put, there is a lot to do in this expansion and the fact that Blizzard is promising to speed up its content release schedule is exciting for fans of the game.

From exploring the new zones to hitting the instances and raids, Mists gives players a reason to repeat their journeys now more than ever before. The timed instances makes for great fun and the larger raids are challenging enough to keep guilds busy for some time.  Add in the scenarios, the factions, farming, and other little games WoW’s included in Mists and you have a lot more choice of what to do than you’re used to in Azeroth.

Star Wars: The Old Republic : Bioware Rocked By Layoffs

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According to a new forum post on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic site, Bioware, developers of SWTOR, is in “restructuring” mode, usually PR-speak for employees losing their jobs. The actual number of redundancies is not given.
Hey folks, since you’re reading this you may likely have heard that we’ve done some restructuring here on the SWTOR team. Sadly, we are bidding farewell to some talented, passionate and exceptionally hard-working people who helped make SWTOR a reality. Impacting people’s lives this way is always very hard, but we’re ensuring the affected people are treated with dignity, fairness and respect. 

Looking back at launch, we all came together and did something historic. We executed one of the largest, most successful and stable launches of any MMO yet in industry history. That is not an easy feat for any development team or company and we are humbled and honored by our fan community’s strong support both at launch and beyond.


The contents of the wow power leveling!

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A new developer blog has cropped up on the Face of Mankind site. The post goes into detail about several new features that are being brought into the game including customized tax rates, sector ownership and much more.
Crime Rate


Worlds will also have a natural crime rate, based on their distance from earth. This natural crime rate will define the minimum and maximum crime rate on the world, with worlds that have lower natural rates being more flexible. We would like to state now that it will be impossible to ever remove all Dominion taxes from the world. Doing this would destroy the Law Enforcement Department and Freedom Defense Corps only means of income. The purpose of this system is to allow players more control over it.

CCP Games has announced that DUST 514 players will be able to improve their arsenal of weapons with the new Mercenary Pack that can be purchased before the game’s release. According to the press release, the Mercenary Pack gives players access to “exclusive items, rewarding early adopters with uniquely styled armor and weapons, in addition to an all-access pass to the closed-beta program running throughout the summer.”
The contents of the Mercenary Pack are:


If feels like their look

The World of Warcraft is surely an extensive universe. You are enjoying the game, you happen to be battling the actual companies, you realize the exactly how — but which are the exactly why? Weekly, Matthew Rossi and also Anne Stickney be sure you Know Your current Tradition simply by within the good reputation for the story guiding Wow.

They come from the deep seas, taking together any strange water that will atmosphere your senses. When they die, they do not perish so much because break up directly into sand, making 1 ponder what precisely holds these kind of critters jointly. The facts about the subject which brings the ethereal errors? Include the Kvaldir the bringers in the misting, or perhaps is he simply slaves with it, cursed in order to leave the sea only if the particular mist exists?

Not very much is well known in regards to the Kvaldir apart from their looks within Frustration of the Lich Master in addition to their upcoming visual appeal throughout Cataclysm. What we do know for sure is because tend to be for some reason related to the particular vrykul, and they also seem to carry zero fascination with some of the backrounds above the seashore. Within Cataclysm, it really is made completely apparent which they keep simply no adoration for anything underneath the oceans, sometimes. They are the evident foe of all they will come across … yet who is the idea they function? Precisely what is the actual reason with the Kvaldir?

Forewarning: The subsequent publish contains spoilers to the approaching Cataclysm enlargement. If you would like continue being spoiler-free, usually do not continue.

The very first experience of Kvaldir for some participants is in Borean Tundra, the place that the Kalu’ak, an agreeable indigneous group of tuskarr anglers, happen to be often killed by simply these types of critters without any apparent alert with out apparent reason to the hostility. The tuskarr get figures from the giants, which these people phone the particular tuk-hariq or even “walkers from the fog,Inches though the stories point out tiny about the beginnings with the Kvaldir. They’re apparently related to the actual vrykul which walk your land, nevertheless the seashore sources in the contest and exactly how they had become are nevertheless a mysterious still left within star. It really is inside Howling Fjord, nonetheless, how the abrupt physical appearance of the Kvaldir will be explained.

If feels like their look was not on purpose, nevertheless random. What exactly is interesting concerning the Kvaldir, nonetheless, is their motives. Comparable to their particular vrykul relatives, they’re primitive, challenging and also ostensibly evil, targeting anyone along with everything without having whim. The particular vrykul stood a funeral ground in Howling Fjord referred to as Shield Hill, and also at some point before Frustration from the Lich Full, a range of buccaneers occurred about the particular graveyard and stole numerous items from the 3 plots — graves associated with extremely important vrykul which had perished decades before.Your furious state of mind with the annoyed graves stay howling regarding vengeance.

Rodin the particular Reckless: The Staff of Storm’s Fury pilfered. Any problem this terrain! Your storms will never cease!轻和如何摆动它的惩戒天赋和铭文露台无尽的春天 

The List : 5 Things People Are B*tching About

This past weekend’s first major closed beta event for Guild Wars 2 was a very exciting time for players looking forward to the game from ArenaNet. There is so much to love about GW2 and most of the weekend went without a hitch. Still there are things that people are kvetching about. See what we discovered people are talking about in The List today and then add your own thoughts in the comments. Are they justified, or is it just “beta blues”?
5. No Asura, No Sylvari


During the previous closed beta press events, journalists were allowed to try out the Norn, Human and Charr races. Each was written about extensively and most were hopeful that the illusive Sylvari and the hysterical Asura would finally make their appearance in game. Sadly, we were all disappointed on logging in this weekend to find that neither was included in this particular event. Still hope springs eternal and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the next event.


Read more of Suzie Ford’s The List: GW2 – 5 Things People Are B*tching About.



Last week marked the annual CCP – EVE Online FanFest. We were on hand to hear all of the good things coming about about EVE Online and more. In this event report, we give you the skinny on all the haps at the Party on Top of the World. Check it out!


The latest ‘fan group hug’ at EveFest this year had the developer opening their hard drives and letting the contents spill out in keynote presentations, round table discussion, and more than a few bar crawls. Gaming might not be rock ‘n’ roll but CCP are always ready to give it their all, wireless keyboard and headset at the ready.



Constructing the Dark Portal allowing the orcs to travel to Azeroth

Thousands of years before, the demons had launched an invasion of Azeroth that had ultimately failed, but this time the orcs could fight in the Legion’s stead. As Kil’jaeden had planned, the Orcs succeeded in killing most of the draenei population. Now Kil’jaeden was ready to test the orcs’ effectiveness against another old enemy. To that end, the corrupted human arch mage Medivh contacted the orc warlock Gul’dan. Together they constructed the Dark Portal, which allowed the orcs to travel to Azeroth. In addition to his commitments as leader of the Horde, Thrall was a dedicated shaman with close ties to the elements. When he noticed severe disturbances in the elemental spirits, Thrall knew that he had to step down as war chief in order to investigate the situation lest all of Azeroth fall into chaos.

Given his options, Thrall believed that Garrosh was the clear choice for war chief. But the impulsive young Hell scream is much more aggressive than his diplomatic predecessor. With the equally tempestuous King Varian Wrynn back on the throne of Storm wind, it seems likely that the orcs will need their famed strength now more than ever. Grommash Hold towers over all else, allowing Garrosh Hellscream to keep a close watch on his people. Racial Mount: WolfLong ago, the orcs tamed the large and swift wolves of Draenor. These massive canines came to be the orcs’ chosen companions as well as their favored method of transportation.

The wolves’ unflinching temperament made them especially well-suited for battling large prey. When the orcs became more warlike and invaded Azeroth, their wolves were bred for size and stamina so they could bear armored riders into battle. Dire wolves remain the favored mounts for orc fighters and can be purchased in theValleyofHonorin Orgrimmar. In the whole game, I really like wow gold. It can help me buy powerful weapons to attack the enemies. 

Any Intelligence or Dexterity on gear is near useless

One of the weird things about gear in D3 is that while rare drops come in a fairly steady stream and blues are a dime-a-dozen, it’s very unusual to find an upgrade in the game. The gear available on the auction house was almost always better and cheaper than finding or making it in game. I suspect this is because of the random factor. As a Barbarian (or any class) you only really want certain stats. Any Intelligence or Dexterity (or a host of other stats) on gear is near useless. The odds of perfect Barbarian gear dropping is low. But with millions of players the AH is choked with it. Same goes with the crafting. At first in Normal Mode I leveled the Blacksmith. But it gets very expensive by Nightmare and for the cost of just one skill level you can buy one or two better things on the AH.

This trend, frustratingly, seems even more true in Inferno. You have to play inferno to earn gold to buy better gear on the AH, not to actually win better gear (unless you are very lucky). I don’t think this will be good for Inferno. The relationship between play and reward is too disconnected. I’ve only had a day or two to play Inferno and have only done so in the easiest section of the game, but it’s clearly a lot harder. Even normal trash hits for a wallop. I came across a champion pack with Fire Chains, which along with Molten, are my least favorite.

They crushed me. You have to get in close as a Barbarian to do any damage and they just cross those chains over you — near instant death. If this persists I will experiment to changing all my passives to survival and stacking my gear with more resists. Still, I think it will be hard. The multiplayer system is great for hooking up with your battlenet friends. I did a bunch of that. I found cooperative a little slower, but perhaps more fun, than solo play. You often have to wait for the other person to do something, or go back to town and sell, etc. In solo, things go at your own pace. I played a couple of times with mismatched levels. 

Guild Wars 2 employs a two-tiered reward system that…

Some PvPers will be content with doing just that – fighting other players scenario after scenario ad infinitum, while others will be in it for the rewards.  Guild Wars 2 employs a two-tiered reward system that most players will recognize: as you participate in sPvP scenarios, you gain “glory” – basically PvP XP – which is then represented by your “rank” – which you can think of as PvP levels.  You can then spend glory to purchase rewards, which are unlocked based on your rank.  These rewards include chests that contain random loot, like weapons, dyes, bags, glory buffs, tournament tickets, and other goodies, as well as tokens that you can use at the Mystic Forge to craft items.  It’s difficult to ascertain exactly how these rewards stack up to other high-level items earned from Guild Wars 2’s dungeons and crafting, but at the very least, they seem to be stable for the moment, unlike the game’s PvE rewards.

Of course, your sPvP rewards will be a bit more enticing if you choose to participate in Guild Wars 2’s organized tournaments, which were introduced post-launch.  Instead of just hotjoining scenarios to play along with a bunch of randos, you can put a team together and participate in 5v5 free and paid tournaments for heftier loot and bragging rights.  You can jump into 3-round, single-elimination, 8-team tournaments at any time, or, eventually, build up your reputation to qualify for monthly and yearly competitions.  Winning a free competition will net you glory, rank points, a tournament chest, and a tournament ticket – the last of which is required to enter paid tournaments (you can also purchase tickets from the in-game Black Lion Trading Company in packs of 5 and 30 for 75 and 360 gems, respectively).  Achieving first place in a paid tournament will reward you with glory, rank points, gems, qualifying points, and a tournament chest, although you’re sure to get at least one chest for participating, regardless of your team’s place in the competition. 

A paladin can choose from among specs

A monsoon is coming. We will soon inundate you with Mists of Pandaria information, starting with the upcoming media event and everything that follows. It’s going to be a very exciting time for World of Warcraft, and we are all super impatient for it to happen. But we’re not quite there yet. I want to make that clear upfront, because this blog isn’t directly Mists of Pandaria related. You won’t find any announcements here, just a philosophical discussion that you may or may not find interesting. If you’re looking for thrilling announcements, you know soon. I said this blog isn’t directly relevant though, because I want to discuss a topic that we did struggle with a lot during Mists development, and indeed through most of World of Warcraft.

We have classes with multiple DPS specs, and for mage, warlock, hunter, rogue, warrior and death knight, there isn’t even a melee vs. ranged distinction between those DPS specs. The question comes up all the time: “what is the role of these roles?” I don’t think there is a right answer here, and we’ve even changed the design a few times over the last several years. Again, I’m not couching this in terms of an imminent announcement or anything. This is fundamentally one of those designs that could go in a lot of different directions. It’s something we discuss a lot, and we figured given the strong opinions of our forum-posting community, many of you probably do as well.

A paladin can choose from among specs that let her be a tank, melee DPS or healer, and can shift around which role she fills in a raid or BG team from week to week. Through the Dual Spec feature, she can even do so within a single evening. If her group doesn’t need another healer, or if she needs a break from tanking, she can become a DPS spec fairly easily without having to swap to a different character. A warlock doesn’t have that luxury. Yet, the warlock still has three specs. Is the idea, then, that you are supposed to swap from Destruction to Demonology and back depending on the situation.


Legion was comprised of a million screaming demons

The streaming ripples of energy were felt by terrible alien minds. Sargeras – the Great Enemy of all life, the Destroyer of Worlds felt the potent ripples and was drawn to their distant point of origin. Spying the primordial world of Azeroth and sensing the limitless energies of the Well of Eternity, Sargeras was consumed by an insatiable hunger. The great dark god of the Nameless Void resolved to destroy the fledgling world and claim its energies as his own. Sargeras gathered his vast Burning Legion and made his way towards the unsuspecting world of Azeroth. The Legion was comprised of a million screaming demons, all ripped from the far corners of the universe, and the demons hungered for conquest. Sargeras’ lieutenants, Archimonde the Defiler and Mannoroth the Destructor, prepared their infernal minions to strike.

Queen Azshara, overwhelmed by the terrible ecstasy of her magic, fell victim to Sargeras’ undeniable power and agreed to grant him entrance to her world. Even her Highborne servitors gave themselves over to magic’s inevitable corruption and began to worship Sargeras as their god. To show their allegiance to the Legion, the Highborne aided their queen in opening a vast, swirling portal within the depths of the Well of Eternity. Once all his preparations had been made, Sargeras began his catastrophic invasion of Azeroth. The warrior-demons of the Burning Legion stormed into the world through the Well of Eternity and laid siege to the night elves’ sleeping cities.

Led by Archimonde and Mannoroth, the Legion swarmed over the lands of Kalimdor, leaving only ash and sorrow in its wake. The demon warlocks called down searing infernals that crashed like hellish meteors into the graceful spires of Kalimdor’s temples. A band of burning, bloodletting killers known as the Doomguard marched across Kalimdor’s fields, slaughtering everyone in their path. Packs of wild, demonic felhounds ravaged the countryside unopposed. Though the brave Kaldorei warriors rushed to defend their ancient homeland, they were forced to give ground, inch by inch, before the fury of the Legion’s onslaught. 

It can be identified in wow gold

It can be identified in which Sargeras etched out and about Illidan’s eyes and also replaced them with burning up orbs that may observe just about all miracle, and his famous wonderful body art have been and a present through the decreased Titan. It’s uncertain how much of Illidan’s authentic objective stayed to him soon after Sargeras’ ministrations, but it’s identified that with Azshara’s thrall, Captain Varo’then, they hunted following Deathwing’s concealing position and ended up being there when their close friend managed to get access to the particular Satanic force Spirit. Providing these devices into Varo’then’s hands, it would appear that Illidan what food was in the very least partly under Sargeras’ browse.

Yet it’s informing that will Illidan got no component from the epic battle that followed because Malfurion’s allied makes and also Azshara’s satisfied in fight. While Malfurion along with Tyrande fought to avoid the arrival associated with Sargeras also to destroy your well, along with Azshara satisfied all of them fully power, Illidan required action, his or her correct prepare manifest. This individual not cared what sort of received, provided that the actual Effectively sustained.

Why doesn't Mists of Pandaria have a Mahjong mini game 

Conquer Online : Dawn of a New War Announced

Fans of Conquer Online will want to check out the new announcement that Dawn of War will be arriving soon. DoW comes packed with new content and also addresses several areas of concern from players, most notably class balance.
The TQ team is caring and listening to the voices from the players in the community and determined to make the game more balanced, and bring more special features to each class with this new content-rich update. At this point, there is a great deal of veterans scrambling their way back and continuing their adventurous journey.



Guild Wars 2 has created a big splash in the MMO pond since it arrived a few weeks ago. Not only are fans of the original having a blast, but many new folks are joining in the fun. We’ve got a few things to say about n00bs that you won’t want to miss. Read on!

Helping out is actually pretty common in the Guild Wars 2 community.  Sure, we have a good laugh but by helping out new players we may be helping create a great player.  The best way to help a new player is to answer their questions, even if it reminds you of the noob you used to be.  All it takes is a few moment to answer a question.  Someone’s asking how to craft, give them some info.  Someone’s asking where a certain NPC is, let them know.  Don’t just tell them to type in /dance, even though that response is very hilarious.  I’ve even seen players take that advice.  If you think it would help, send them over to the wiki pages.  Anything is better than nothing.The gameplay is simple and to the point. One team fights against another in either team death match or “plant the bomb” game modes. As is usually the case with realistic first person shooters, head shots are near instant kills, whereas body and limb shots are significantly less lethal. Movement decreases the accuracy of the player’s weapon, as does sustained fire, which gives the combat a level of tactical nuance commonly found in modern shooters today. However, two things that I found to be curiously absent were weapon iron sights, as well as the ability to either sprint or bunny hop in any shape or form. With that aside, pretty much anything you’d expect to see from a standard shooter, you’ll see in 9mm Online.