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“The join” PvP

“The join” PvP
“The join” is a kind of informal the tendency of the formal (structrued) PvP. Naturally, and other players will fight and PvE in general as monsters fight formal, but this is a test building (builds), study the map and try and other players for PvP game place. “The join” from the form of one-on-one (1 v1) to ten to ten (10 v10s).

Players can browse through to a string of can join the list of the game, each game that the current map, the number of players, and so on. Players can through the server number and friends lists to search. Even if a game going on, you also can be in any time to join or leave. If a party’s players leave, the server can automatic balance between the number of team players. Once the current round ends, the server will read cycle next map, players can choose again team, or began again to fight. This set to allow players to find the most like server, and through the and someone else to play more games to establish the same set of online group.

Tournament play
Championship is more inclined to organized official PvP. Championship in five to five (5 v5) on the form, but the adoption and “the join” the same map. The championship will be in many kinds of frequency, the various kinds of rewards level the same player allowed in smaller tournament was skill, until more major tournament in was more organized team beat.

Championship will have the following form:
(Pickup Tournaments) : this single out before the start of the tournament to wait until 8 team participation. When they start later, will carry on the three rounds of single elimination round, the winner will get qualification points (qualifier points).
(Monthly Tournaments) : Monthly need access to certain qualifications championship points can participate.
(Yearly Tournaments) : this kind of major championships provided to emerge from monthly championship winners receive a proof they are the best PvP chance of players.
(Player-Run Tournaments) : this kind of the championship will be by Player design, there is great freedom and unique boasting place. 

Player vs Player Overview

Guild wars in the leisure (pick up) and competitive PvP have has the rich traditional, performance for different levels and diverse organization form design. There are many places where you can for players a solution PvP itch: from the hero of the road (Heroes’ s Ascent) and random Arena (Ramdom Arena) to ally war (Alliance Battles), and the battle was (GvG). I know that we need to spend some time to find it, but undoubtedly, the heritage will continue to remain with the best people in order to build an online experience as the goal of PvP “guild wars 2″ in.

For the guild wars 2 “, we want to design more clear and PvP simple. The leisure play we have created a separate place, all the casual players can play in. This is a server list, inside the “the join” (hot join) can play with to with. We have created a single center area, in order to automatic championship (automatic tournaments) given in the form of competitive play. The two games way–and the sport in play, leisure, there are many similarities, make the player can in an informal and more organized to play easily between conversion. This is important, because the leisure and tournament play all is independent of “the world” (world) choice. In other words, all of the guild wars 2 “PvP players are playing the same game and no PvP respectively.

Let us closer look at two PvP form. 

Continuous open world-set-PvP

Continuous open world
Q: why join continuous open the world? (note: the city is a copy of the mode)
A: so you in the game have a lot of social opportunities, you can see a lot of other players. Continuous world also add a new game elements, such as a continuous development of the world and the end.
Q: will there be read image? The map is no gap?
A: when you through the signpost (waypoints) when will read the transfer of the picture. In addition in different area between the entrance, will trigger the reading screen.
Q: will there be copy area?
A: yes. Some of the character personal story related task is to copy mode. In addition the Dungeons (Dungeons) is also a copy.
Q: in the game, the monster of strange phenomena in the camp will occur?
Answer: the event system can effectively prevent these problems. Event system allows anyone to help others fight, both sides can get 100% of the experience and the falling rewards. The scale of the events with the number of players to relevant, so no matter how many players, it doesn’t matter.

Q: I can not to cantha and Iraq, los mainland?
Answer: in the guild wars 2 just started operations may not. These areas estimates will be in future to join.
Q: there are the circulation of the day and night?
A: yes, the cycle will be faster than real time. Some events and monster appear follow relevant. For example, half person in the dawn horse will attack the camp, phantom will in the dark sighted in ancient battlefield. The present cycle every two hours, including 80 minutes of day and 40 minutes of night, but in the formal operation may change before.
Q: we can explore underwater world, this would be?
A: there are a lot of interesting underwater world can explore, meaning that the breath is not a problem. And some new friendly race and events are introduced into the area.

Q: how is the PvP system?
Answer: there are two PvP model has been announced. The World to the World (World versus World, or call the World PvP) is a large, ongoing pattern, no level unlimited quantity, players will be able to participate. The other is a structured PvP (structured PvP, or call arena PvP), divided into two kinds, one kind is type is competitive against, with 1 guild against similar guild wars, two team against, another kind is pick-up against, individual player or team in some specific maps under the rules of the particular battle. Some activities (small game), like a bar fight broke (bar brawling) and snowball wars (snowball fights) also belong to PvP.
Q: for PvP players, have skills with items un-ban system?
A: the structural PvP (Structured PvP), the player will have a fixed level, can use all the skills, equipment, with other players. The World to the World (World versus World, also called the World PvP, WvWvW) will use when players to the equipment, skills and grade.
Ask: have the Player-killing?
A: player only within the area in PvP related to PK. 


Q: whether skills can capture?
A: can’t. Skills can purchase or through the rewards and trophy available. Monster with professional system no longer bound, and so will not have skills capture system.
Q: the number of eight skills limit?
A: now is 10 skills limit. Top five by vocational skills and equipped weapon decision. After five skills by player choose their own, including a treatment skills and an elite skills.
Q: how many skills in the game?
A: guild wars 2 skills will be much less than 1 in battle. Guild wars 2 skills will pay attention to quality, not quantity. Each class is about four to five treatment skills, 4-eight elite skills, and a general skills (20 professional skills and 8 racial), and 20 to 60 a weapon skill.

Q: each race starting point in different areas?
A: yes, each of the RACES are in different area began, has a different story line. However, different story line will join together. When players create role, after a short tutorial, and characters, can through the door to other Ursula o the capital of race.
Q: will have a production system?
A: you will in 8 make the choice in the subject, change make discipline will not lost the original subject the progress and formula. But players can’t specializes in production. And they want to use the player just forging or want to sell, and you don’t have to make level of “upgrade”.
Ask: have the auction house or other in-game trading system?
Answer: there is. Market (marketplace) will be added to allow players to business. As long as the trade goods is registered, trade can also in players when offline.
Q: is there a player’s proprietary house?
A: yes, every character would have a home copy, is located in the capital of their race. According to their choice of biography, home would be different. Along with the development of the personal stories, the home will also be changing.
Ask: have the news about the task?
A: the traditional task system will be removed, replaced by a dynamic event system (dynamic event systems). Dynamic events took place in the world in a certain region, any player can find and get involved. The main task and guild wars 1 task to be personal story line cooperation (personal storyline) instead. Personal story involves a custom story to tell the copies of the model.
Q: can I was alone play (solo) not?
A: yes, the game can only by your character a man, and no or other players are involved in. But some game content must with other players is together can, single person can not is play into that.
Q: the game to have “before destruction” (pre-searing) area, like the chapter 1 1 guild wars like that? (note: the destruction of the former is a special new area, and characters, can do from here to destroy, but after the main once left the destruction will never return not. So with other place before destruction has not the same economic system. A lot of players like stay before its destruction)
A: no. Because of the different RACES in different area began. 


Q: I can build PvP characters and PvE in general role?
A: no, but a character can participate in any form of game types. The structural PvP (arena PvP), you can use the role of all the current role career and racial skills, and all can use equipment. And in the world PvP, the role of the current use of equipment.

Q: the highest level role?
A: yes, the highest rating for the level of 80.
Q: is there any way I can talk to my level of difference friends to play together?
A: sidekick system will make your armor and abilities are big or small, so you can tell your friends to play together.
Q: as levels increase, my role will be infinite powerful?
Answer: no. The time required for each a level of no more than 90 minutes. Every litres of level 1 spends time is similar also.

Q: in the guild wars 2 I can choose what RACES?
A: the human, o saurer (asura), the shire (charr), the promise well (norn) and hill’s stradivari (sylvari). The new race in the game after the formal operation may add.
Q: what difference between the RACES?
A: besides the role the different shape, specific gap has not yet known. Each of the RACES has some unique racial skills, but these racial skill than professional skill sent a lot. ArenaNet hope race is just a options, and won’t have a significant impact on the game.

Q: guild wars 2 will have what class?
A: optional professional will be released. Element make (Elementalist), soldiers (Warrior), rangers (Ranger), the Necromancer (Necromancer), the Guardian (Guardian) and rogue (Thief) is now officially released. In addition, an enchanter (Mesmer) in the undead, o caron Ghosts of Ascalon “mentioned, but whether there is unknown. In consideration of the guild wars 1 career area, but also may have to add a new career.
Ask: have the treatment career?
A: guild wars 2 will not exist exclusive professional treatment. Every profession has special a skill bar for self treatment. Some can heal Allies skills, but will self treatment skills than have a far worse. In addition, not a skill can with Allies as the goal, these can heal Allies skills in fact is the aim of the ground range skills, or with the enemy for the target skills that came with the effect. This set of purpose is to assist type players aware battlefield, not stare at Allies article blood.
Q: so the guardian? The professional look like wearing a healers on.
A: the guardian have some treatment ability, but the guardian’s focus on defense magic with ward to stop the enemy, not a skill is with the aim of can ally.
Q: how many kinds of professional guild wars 2?
Answer: in the guild wars 2 started operations, there will be eight career.
Q: is there a deputy system? (here’s deputy, but is deputy non-productive existing other professional)
A: at the beginning of the deputy is some, but because of the different characteristics of each class and racial factors, deputy has been cancelled.
Q: professional have racial limit? A race with a career will not some advantage?
A: each class all race can choose. Each of the RACES for the professional all are equal. In addition to allow players to do some racial skills of their profession can’t do something, and just a brocade effect, compared with professional ability difference are too much.
Q: in creating the role, I can change career?
A: no. 

Technical factors

Q: the guild wars 2 configuration requirements?
A: guild wars 2 configuration requirements have not yet clear, but fierce battle had higher than 1. ArenaNet plans to let configuration requirements as low as possible, and most of the players will be able to play with.

Server/the world
Q: guild wars 2 will have a lot of different server?
A: yes, but you can easily is free to switch server. But switching server will be some limit, for example, player in a short time, will not be part of the world (WvW). Waiting for the other details revealed.
Q: a server can accommodate within how many players?
A: each world will accommodate thousands of players. Each map will have a size limit, specific number has not yet know, but as far as possible more than enough.

The game
Q: my role can jump?
A: yes! The game’s first trailer made clear that role can jump. In addition it is said that role can swim and climb a tree.
Q: my role can fly?
A: no.
Q: map transfer function is also?
A: yes, the map transmission is part of the guild wars 2. And a of different guild wars, guild wars 2 map transmit need pay a small fee. In addition, the door of Ursula o are available map transfer part of the network.
Q: there are mercenaries system and hero system?
A: no mercenaries system and hero system. Before the partner of the NPC system also mentioned have been cancelled.
Q: is there about weapons and equipment of the news?
A: with world PvP PvE used equipment will be different. Equipment will use divided into light armour, medium armor and heavy armor. Weapons directly related to the role of the skills to be able to use. New weapons are also is added to the game. Whether armor or weapons can upgrade.
Q: the game I can get what items award?
A: there are a lot of different ways to reward:
-monster has things, but they will never drop some need you to take part in the special activities of everything.
-events system rewards karma (a can exchange other awards prop) and gold, and no matter whether the event successful completion. Of course I fail rewards will be reduced.
-underground city (Dungeon) will increase the reward, but has nothing to do with luck.
-Activities (Activities) there will be some cosmetic use incentives, for example can change armor or weapons appearance.
-achievements (Achievement) will have some title rewards can be displayed in your name below.
-meritorious service (Feats) will reward experience and gold 

Test and official operation

Test and official operation
Q: what time guild wars 2 official operation?
A: the official no clear time revealed that, just say they are ready.
Q: what’s the open beta test?
Answer: open beta will shortly before the game in operation.
Q: when closed test?
A: at present only know is in the second half of 2011 will test.
Q: is there a try?
Answer: in 2010 August 19-22 cologne in Germany have first exhibition game version of the demo, followed in 2010 September 3-5, Seattle PAX, and 2010, oct. 27-31, Paris games festival also have the same demo.
In March 2011, 11-13 Boston PAX East has a second version of the demo.
Q: guild wars 2 will have independent chapters?
A: related data show that the possibility of the expansion than out independent chapters may be big.

Original section of the 1
Q: the existing guild wars 1 what happened?
A: ArenaNet development team in their opening in chapter 4 of the guild wars 1 (has been cancelled) found that they want to do many things in the existing in-game difficult to achieve. So they think it is their best guild wars 2 way.
Q: can I continue to play the guild wars 1?
A: yes, ArenaNet has stated in the guild wars 2 after the formal operation, the server guild wars 1 will continue to run. Activities and update will also continue.
Q: can I will transfer to the role of the guild wars 1 guild wars 2?
A: no. But you can keep character name. The expansion of the guild wars, the northern eye can let you will be part of the historic achievement through the Hall (Hall of Monuments) transfer to the guild wars 2.
Q: I put the things into the historic halls, I will bring back from the guild wars 2?
Answer: special title, pets, mini pets, and a series of weapons and armor 

[mood story] guild wars 2 FAQ

Roughly problem
Q: will have a month or guild wars 2 charged according to time?
A: guild wars 2 will use the buyout charge system, will not have a monthly subscription fee. To play with words just buy box (or game serial number).
Q: guild wars 2 will have game mall, can sell things outside serial number, for example role bar?
A: yes, the game mall will exist. This battle with a similar.
Q: will the game into ArenaNet with other people online role-playing games?
A: ArenaNet has been stated, they don’t want to let the game becomes a WOW clone version. The game does not exist in traditional “fighting animal husbandry” triangle, but use “damage”, “assistant” and “control” as a new the triangle.
Test and official operation
Q: what time guild wars 2 official operation?
A: the official no clear time revealed that, just say they are ready.
Q: what’s the open beta test?
Answer: open beta will shortly before the game in operation.
Q: when closed test?
A: at present only know is in the second half of 2011 will test.
Q: is there a try?
Answer: in 2010 August 19-22 cologne in Germany have first exhibition game version of the demo, followed in 2010 September 3-5, Seattle PAX, and 2010, oct. 27-31, Paris games festival also have the same demo.
In March 2011, 11-13 Boston PAX East has a second version of the demo.
Q: guild wars 2 will have independent chapters?
A: related data show that the possibility of the expansion than out independent chapters may be big. 

Vampire Katana Taiwan Fansite Interview with Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer Eric Flannum

  VK : In one of your videos we saw an asura jump from a destroyed golem. He started to cast fire spell on the ground. How do asura work with golems? Is play style the same for every profession controlling a golem or are there differences? For example, would an asura elementalist and an asura warrior have different skills when they control golems. Will asura have advantages during the battle with golems?
  Eric Flannum : What you saw the asura jumping out of was an asura battlesuit, which is a lot like a golem but with a controller inside. Asura racial skills allow asura players to summon and control both golems and battlesuits. Players of other races may get the opportunity to control golems or utilize battlesuits, but only for limited or controlled periods of time.
  VK : Some players are very interested in those NPC races, just like Kodan. Will we have a chance to play those races in the future?
  Eric Flannum : We are currently focused on finishing the game so that we can release it, so it’s too early for us to say what our plans for the future are.
  VK : As this game named “Guild Wars 2”, but we still don’t see lots of information about Guilds, can you tell us more details?
  Eric Flannum : We’re still working on the details of the guild system and are not ready to talk about them yet. But make sure to keep an eye our website and blog for information.
  VK : Does ArenaNet have any method or ways to curb inflation in the game world? Players may use some valuable items instead of in-game gold as currency. In your opinion, is this good or not?
  Eric Flannum : We are not quite ready to talk about our in-game economy yet, but we recognize that controlling inflation in an online world is extremely important.
  VK : We have a limited number of bag slots in Guild Wars, is it the same in the Guild Wars 2 or we will have bigger bags? Can we make bags by crafting?
  Eric Flannum : The storage system in Guild Wars 2 does feature more bag slots than in the original Guild Wars. We will allow crafters to create bags through crafting.
  VK : Can we customize the user interface in Guild Wars 2?
  Eric Flannum : The UI in Guild Wars 2 will be less customizable than it was in the first game. We’ll talk more about what options we’ll be giving players sometime in the future.
  VK : Is the new sylvari finished? What are the reasons that you want to redesign this race?
  Eric Flannum : Following the reveal of the old sylvari design, we observed player giving their feedback on forums and a significant number of them expressed their dislike of this design. We took note of that feedback and started working on a redesign which we finished at the end of last year. Since then, our character artists have been busy creating sylvari models which we’ll reveal during Sylvari Week before gamescom. You can read Sylvari Week posts on our blog.
  VK : If there three people stand in the water, and one elementalist casts a lightning spell to hit an enemy, will the other two people receive shock damage?
  Eric Flannum : Water doesn’t conduct electricity in Guild Wars 2. You’d have to be directly hit by the lightning spell to be affected by its effects.
VK : Will we see Cantha appear in the furture Guild Wars 2 expansion? The land of Cantha is very special for Asian players because we can see and feel many familiar elements around our life in the game world. We all expect Cantha to come back again .
  Eric Flannum : We understand how important the Canthan continent is for Asian players, but communication with the continent has been cut from Tyria during the era of Guild Wars 2. You get to see some of this story in Winds of Change, the latest part of Guild Wars Beyond which links the world of Guild Wars to Guild Wars 2. As we said above, we haven’t communicated our plans for Guild Wars 2 expansions, so it’s too early to tell the fate of Cantha in Guild Wars 2.
  VK : Do ArenaNet have plan for Asian territories, like publishing a Guild Wars 2 Chinese version?
  Eric Flannum : We haven’t announced plans about publishing Guild Wars 2 in Asia.
  VK : Do ArenaNet want to say anything to Asian fans that have supported them since Guild Wars?
  Eric Flannum : We want to thank all our Asian players for their support throughout the years and for their interest in Guild Wars 2! 

Introduction game Duild War 2

1 some of the guild wars happens in the story of the guild wars 2 in PVE will have an account, is still the plot PVE! “The guild wars 2″ will help strengthen the players for game “companion NPC system”. Although guild wars mainly is a team game, but the players to play, also can be prepared companion, and accomplish the task with NPC system. “The guild wars 2″ in this system will become more easily. NCsoft synchronous public including human fantasy castle, race Charr world landscape picture, and indicates that the guild wars 2 “is set for a generation of 250 years in the game world; “The guild wars 2″ the main changes will shift the focus is put into a continuous world, the scale of the fighting, will have specific elements of the story of the design of the game copy, and will join players are jumping ability, players can even in the new underwater world water the adventure of fun experience.